UCSD Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

so just got off waitlist and accepted into ucsd however I have already SIR’d to UCR and have my apartment so I will most likely decline the offer. Goodluck to everyone else!

Hey I’m not sure if anyone knows this but my Triton checklist was actually showing up as an error, does that happen when you recently get admitted or is it weird?

@UniCoIn what do you mean showing up as an error? You can’t sign in to your Triton checklist? I would contact the school if that is happening.

@CAtransplant it worked today morning yesterday it was just having a system glitch.

@UniCoIn oh that’s good!

Can we apply for summer classes as new transfers?

@chloesalem Yes, you can. I’m not sure about financial aid though. I need to call and ask.

Has anyone who got off the waitlist received their acceptance packets? Still haven’t got mine in the mail yet

@isat99 no do waitlists get it too?

Has anyone seen their IB scores appear on the triton checklist yet?

@isat99 Yes, I got mine a couple days ago and was accepted at the end of June. It included the acceptance letter, a certificate of admission and the outer envelope which reads something along the lines of “attend transfer day 5/11” haha. Nothing to write home about.

Is anyone here planning on taking the transfer year experience course?

I was at first but now I’m thinking that I won’t.

Have any of you guys that had been waitlisted gotten off any time in the past two to three weeks? If so, what was your major? And was it impacted or non-impacted?

Where can I see that my transcripts were received?

I don’t see a clear checklist on my portal of things that I have completed and those that still need to be done.

I’ve set the date for the orientation, did the TB questionnaire…I’m just worried that I’ll miss something because there isn’t one clear checklist…

@kristinpete in the triton checklist you can click where it says to send your transcripts. It should say there if they were received. Or you can check my triton link and go to academic history. If your transcripts have been processed it will show them there.

@Tiredwaiting2019 Ok thanks - yeah I saw that they were received but I’m not seeing anything under academic history…so still processing I guess.

I just feel like the acceptance isn’t guaranteed until they get those transcripts

@AceIsMy_HikingPuppy Hi, I am going to apply for transfer for the fall 2020 semester for computer science. My overall gpa is 3.58, and my major gpa is 3.74. I completed all my pre reqs. I am not sure if my GPA is competitive enough for CS, so I am hoping I atleast get into cognitive science. I see you had the same situation, did they let you change your major to computer science?

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