UCSD Waitlist Fall 2019 Transfer

@Ohm888 I realize that. I was still under the impression that you can not give a statement of intent to register to both. I heard this at a college info night at my kids’ high school. Perhaps they were incorrect, or I might have heard incorrectly.

@hgtvaddict you cannot SIR to two at the same time. So if you SIR to one and you get off wait list for another, you can SIR to the second, but immediately also withdraw from the first.

Thank you @kristinpete, @CAtransplant, and @Ohm888 for the clarification.

@Ohm888 Do you know how UCSD accepts people off the waitlist? Do they accept the most qualified from it? Do they randomly pull people like a lottery?

@kristinpete no idea, but I would assume they manually choose. Not all on the waitlist are equal. Plus, it’s based on availability within major. But I’m simply guessing.

Any estimates as to when the first batch of UCSD waitlist decisions will come out? I’m going off of last years’ waitlist thread, for now.

@mtar25 It was May 10 last year.

For a general biology major, what are the chances of getting off the waitlist?
Also, the waitlist processes simply is based on seatings, not grades/achievements/etc?

Hi guys UCSD was my second choice school unfortunately I got waitlisted I opted in so I’m waiting I’m a Literature major with a 3.4 gpa cc transfer

a bit late here but:
transferring from 4 year OOS (yikes)
Major: Communications
Cumulative GPA: 3.65
Major GPA: 4.0
Essays: decent I would say
ECs: alright
I’m so nervous and this waiting process is killing me I can’t even sleep at night

Friday, May 10th, is looking pretty SAUCY as far as waitlist admissions go. I bet some of us find out by 5pm that day

@tacoturnup where’d you get this date from?

Yes, I think Friday will be a juicy day.

@UniCoIn May 10th is when waitlist transfers started hearing back last year! Go check out their forums

Did everyone here decide to attend a different school? This thread is pretty dead.

No but I’m hoping they send out something tomorrow

@kristinpete I hope everyone did LOL! UCSD is my number one…I’d go here even if Stanford offered me a $250k scholarship. <3 UCSD


Major: Computer Science
Cumulative GPA: 3.9
CCC transfer

Seriously hoping you guys are right about a lot of students being admitted off the waitlist. I modeled my education path according to UCSD’s CS major requirements and as a result it’s the only school I’ve met all the requirements for… If I don’t get in I’ll have to wait another year to transfer anywhere…

@CSDegreePlease A lot were taken off last year… we don’t know what will happen this year…

Right. Here’s to hoping that trend continues.