UIC GPPA Class of 2026

Thank you

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Has anyone heard about multiple interview release dates? I know they used to do that a couple years back but don’t know if they still do. would that be for dent or med?

do interviews come as they evaluate applications? tentative gppa dentistry applicant, no interview request yet :frowning:

“GPPA interviews are emailed out on a rolling basis. So if you haven’t received one yet, don’t worry you may get an email in the next couple of weeks”’

pulled this from a reddit, feel a bit better now that interviews are sent on a rolling basis

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has anyone got the medicine interview

Supposedly they come next week

Interviews for GPPA Medicine were just sent out!

I got the interview invite today! I hope everyone in this thread gets there’s as well shortly!!

At what time were they sent out?

At what time did you get it?

Do you mind sharing your stats ?

Do you mind sharing your stats please?

Are they sent out on a rolling basis?

When did you apply?

received an interview email at 7:04 pm … Good luck to all

@jawacat - could you please guide on how to prepare for it? any tips would be helpful.

The email was sent at around 7pm for me

PM me with your questions and I’ll answer what I can as soon as I’m able to. Congratulations!

Did you have to select interview dates? Or it’s just a general email ?