UIUC Housing

No, he did not join an LLC. As far as I know, that is the complete LLC list I linked earlier.

@illinoisx3 quick question on the meal plan, can you advise for a freshman which of the meal plan is a good one, 12 Classic Meals/15 Café Credits per week or 10 Classic Meals/45 Café Credits per week. I see that the cost difference for these two is about $700 per year. We are really confused which one can be the best and economical. Any advise on this?

@AAA124555 It really depends on your kid, how much they eat, if they eat out a lot, etc. I believe you get 2 or 3 weeks to make a change if they find themselves eating more or less at the dorm cafeterias than expected. My son used the max plan for convenience.

Honestly, I wish they offered something like an 15-20 meal plan like other universities.

12 Classic/15 Cafe Credits is a good one to start with. Also depends on your expectation and tolerance for waste…for us it’s none, and my son was excellent on fully using his meal plan and all credits. The 12 meal/15 credit is good because it gives your student room every week for a couple outside meals, by choice or schedule. I’ve yet to see the inside of the Ike-not that the food is bad - if your parent is in town, you make them feed you OFF campus. :slight_smile: Most important thing is to set your expectation and make sure your student makes any changes during that change window.

@illinoisx3 and @IL2023 thank you so much for your advise. We were really confused which one to choose from.

Where do we find cost of dorms?

@Seminole123 , please see this link, this gives the cost for University Housing: https://housing.illinois.edu/Resources/Rates/2019-2020/hall-new-fall-2019