UMiami Admissions Fall 2022

literally dont even know what program. im wondering if they are doing same majors coming out in same waves.??

I never heard of Miami releasing in batches like that.

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Someone I know found out their ED decision on Wednesday. He was in the summer program and they get told earlier. I am assuming it’s coming tomorrow the 10th or the 11th!

I don’t think anyone received ED notifications -they don’t release in batches. They don’t tell some people early. It will be either on the 10th or the 17th I think.

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agreed - I never heard of Miami releasing in batches.

I can confirm Miami did already accept a small number of students who completed their summer scholars program, so very likely that ED coming out tonight

Is ED 1coming out today? And if so around what time?

I think it is! I am unsure of the time

My son’s guidance counselor told him about 6pm eastern but who knows!

my brother Gc Said he hasn’t heard anything official yet

a few kids called Miami directly but they’ve been vague also saying mid to late December

I was an ED applicant last year and currently attend UM and it came out December 11 around 2:15/2:30. Admissions told us the same thing they’re telling everyone today, that it’s coming out late December and not on the day we all speculated and actually got our decisions. Take what admissions says with a grain of salt because I’m like 99% sure they’ll be out around late afternoon :slight_smile: There also was a glitch on the portal last year for people who were deferred. About an hour before decisions came out, some people’s portals said regular decision instead of early decision, and when decisions came out, they got deferred.

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Stats to u getting in?! I feel like my stats are not relatively high and I am not sure if it’s possible for people like I to get in. I don’t know how many people they accept ED.

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I saw a somebody comment on another forum a while back they they got into ED with a 3.2 GPA and not the best SAT scores. Hope that helps


Thank you haha

Are we most likely finding out around 2??

Hi! I got in last year ED and I found out December 11th around 2pm eastern. Good luck guys!


would you mind sharing stats?

Is it coming out?

I thought it was at 2!! lol

anyone get results? we are all waiting for my brother to get home from school - we can’t check yet! good luck to everyone!!