UMiami Admissions Fall 2022

Stats to u getting in?! I feel like my stats are not relatively high and I am not sure if it’s possible for people like I to get in. I don’t know how many people they accept ED.

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I saw a somebody comment on another forum a while back they they got into ED with a 3.2 GPA and not the best SAT scores. Hope that helps


Thank you haha

Are we most likely finding out around 2??

Hi! I got in last year ED and I found out December 11th around 2pm eastern. Good luck guys!


would you mind sharing stats?

Is it coming out?

I thought it was at 2!! lol

anyone get results? we are all waiting for my brother to get home from school - we can’t check yet! good luck to everyone!!

no results yet

thanks…I did this two years ago - feels like yesterday! hang in everyone…it all works out!.

I have a feeling more like 4 or 5 EST! Good luck to all!!


MY DD GOT IN ED!!! YAY! Fantastic financial package. Check your portals!


congrats! my brother is in as well - FA missing one document which we sent in last week…waiting on aid.


Did you guys get in?

My daughter did!

According to reddit, people were getting notifs for premier scholarships yesterday. I have no idea what the thing said, as I didn’t receive one, but I know they were sent out (the invites to be considered).

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DD22 was accepted.

Does anybody know if the selection process is different for each of the premier scholarships.

Yes i received update for premier scholarship