UMiami Admissions Fall 2022

Do you know from last year when EA (as opposed to ED) decisions starting coming out? Thank you

Thank you. Do you know if they give any heads up that it’s coming or does my daughter have to just keep checking her portal?

Last year was the 11th - this year saying “late December” - are we thinking the 17th? or 11th? My brother applied ED.

When I applied there were slight changes to the portal that hinted at an upcoming decision. Looks like they changed the portal since then.

Good luck to everyone!

Why do you say ED is best shot for financials. It’s binding

Our daughter applied, EA. 4.0 GPA, 4.89 weighted. 35 ACT, 10 APs total (our school doesn’t offer them until Junior year). NMSF. 200 or so volunteer hours, Varsity athlete all four years, Competitive Dancer for 15 years, Class President, stellar letters of rec from those we were able to read. She is VERY INTERESTED in MIAMI its in her top three. She also applied for the Medical Honors program which was the initial draw for her to this school. Well…that and getting out of the midwest cold :). Fingers crossed she gets into this or one of her top three choices. She’s worked really hard that’s for sure!! It’s fun to watch the process unfold…yet nerve-wracking!!

financial aid just requested additional info. from my brother. When my mother called to clarify - she was told ED would be late this year - maybe closer to Christmas !!

so ed is not coming out the 10th?

That’s what the person who answered the phone in admissions said. He was vague and said it may be close to Christmas.

SMH - I can’t wait any longer. Anyone else unable to function at all out of nervousness? My stats/accomplishments are 3.83 GPA, 31 ACT, 1 AP course, 5 dual enrollment business courses with FDU and Syracuse, completed UMiami Summer Scholars Program with 4.0/4.0 college GPA, National Honors Society, Business Honors Society, Founder and CEO of 2 small companies, and a bunch of other extracurricular/community service activities. I have heard that the possible dates are: Friday 12/10 2-6pm, Saturday 12/11 2-8 pm, Friday 12/17 2-6 pm, and now sometime closer to Christmas. Please keep this thread updated with any news or updates.

you have great stats - think you should get in…good luck

omg i need to know when ed come out pls keep updating if u hear anything!!!

Will do, if anyone else hears anything please keep this chat updated

It’s the top choice and will come in range financially based on the the NPC. They take a good % in the ED round. So it’s the best option if she knows that is where she wants to go. We have high need so I am not confident they will accept.

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as they are need aware. They could take two students money wise for one of her.

Does anyone know whether, in the past, EA decisions come out around the same time as ED, or later? Thank you!


much later, end of jan

Thank you!

wait I think ED are coming out today.

I’ve heard a rumor that some people received their ED decision over the past 2 hours. I checked and didn’t get anything. Did anyone get a decision?