UMiami Admissions Fall 2022

I thought it was at 2!! lol

anyone get results? we are all waiting for my brother to get home from school - we can’t check yet! good luck to everyone!!

no results yet

thanks…I did this two years ago - feels like yesterday! hang in everyone…it all works out!.

I have a feeling more like 4 or 5 EST! Good luck to all!!


MY DD GOT IN ED!!! YAY! Fantastic financial package. Check your portals!


congrats! my brother is in as well - FA missing one document which we sent in last week…waiting on aid.


Did you guys get in?

My daughter did!

According to reddit, people were getting notifs for premier scholarships yesterday. I have no idea what the thing said, as I didn’t receive one, but I know they were sent out (the invites to be considered).

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DD22 was accepted.

Does anybody know if the selection process is different for each of the premier scholarships.

Yes i received update for premier scholarship


Where did you see this? On your application portal or email?

My daughter did as well. She received an email of an “update” and then she checked her portal.


Yes, on portal

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Has anyone gotten results that was EA as opposed to ED1?

Congrats to everyone who got in!

EA will be out late January/early February.

Does anyone know if EA applicants are eligible for premiere scholarships?

They already sent out the premier scholarship invites!

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So then are only ED1 applicants eligible for that scholarship? That’s what’s confusing to me.