UMiami Admissions Fall 2022

Amazing accomplishments! Congratulations!

Honestly, we are not too optimistic about winning.

applied early action! been freaking out and stressing so much these days. good luck to all!

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yes, if anyone has this info please let us know!

should be end Jan or early Feb

I hope you do!

Either way, be happy you were asked to compete! My daughter has a 4.0 UW/4.9 W GPA, 1530 SAT. Exceptional LOR, tons of EC and Leadership, 400+ volunteer hours, and overcame significant medical circumstances, but was not invited. I just hope she gets in!


I got deferred ED and umiami is still my top choice … do they accept letters of continued interest?

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yes send LOCI and try and update your admissions counselor with new or improved accomplishments, awards, grades. Another LOR if it offers a different perspective.

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Hello, is anyone allowed to open their CANE LINKS? Mine says I am not allowed to.

Good luck! These are great accomplishments and I think you have a great chance of receiving a premier scholarship My dd21 received the Singer scholarship last year with lower stats and without national level awards.

Did you all receive an email recently about to ensure can access Applicant Portal applicant’s page?

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Do you know when the acceptance letters were sent last year?

For EA end of January last year, January 24 year before. Came out in the evening on the Friday.

Yes and I know they did the same thing in 2020 to make sure a person had access.

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Are we thinking Friday the 21st then?

I would think the week after but the date you ask would probably be the earliest.

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My D has not been able to open the cane link. She is hoping it becomes active soon.

As in her portal? If her CaneLink portal isn’t opening contact them ASAP. My husband is a prof everything is accessed through CaneLink. My daughters application version opens and my son applied a couple of years ago and went elsewhere. He still can access his old portal.

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Are we leaning towards this week or next week for decisions?