UMich Admissions - Regular Decision Fall 2022

what are you supposed to say in the letters?

There are schools that give 2 points for an A in AP classes, thus you have an A = 6.

Correct- that was my point. a 5.2 is not possible if the scale caps at 5. Earlier in this chain I showed how a 5.2 could be equivalent to a 3.5 under a 4.0 scale.

I got the EOCI email today, is this something that we should fill out?

If Michigan Is your first choice 100% yes.

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Is it good or bad to receive the continue interest email from umich for RD?

Neither - everyone got it.


When is the RD come out?

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Sometime March


Anyone know if a wave is coming out this Friday?

That’s our best guess but no one knows for sure (maybe not even the UMich folks LOL)

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The suspense is killing me!


It is!

If their is a wave tomorrow, would it include RD?

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Yes it should.

How do they review RD applications? Is it by the time the application came in or some other factor.

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What about grade inflation? Avg US high school GPA this last year was 3.58