UMich Fall 2022 Transfer Thread

Hi guys! This is the Fall 2022 Transfer Thread for Umich. I was rejected for Winter 2022 cycle and I’ll soon apply in the coming month as my transcript updates.


I am applying as junior transfer.


Talk to the transfer counselor and find out why you were rejected then work on that. It’s easier to transfer in as a junior.

Yes I’ve emailed them why before and they told me because there were too many competitive candidates. Anyway I’ll try again and see what’ll happen

You can have a meeting with them. They use to have Transfer Tuesdays and you meet one on one and they go over all your classes to see how /if your classes transfer. Yep, many good students like yourself wanting to go there.

waitlisted fall 2021. hopefully see u all fall 2022.

Would you mind to share the data?

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Aight it’s time, I updated my CoE Winter 2022 Transfer app to Fall 2022 and just submitted my new emails and information. Good luck to everyone!

First-year student at the University of Illinois
~75 transferrable credits after next semester (25 AP credits)
3.92/4.00 College GPA
~3.6/4.00 High school GPA
1490 SAT, 34 ACT, 760 SAT Chemistry, 800 SAT Math II

Robotics intern at a startup last summer
Robotics Team
Developing a webpage

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new essays* not emails

hey everyone! i’m so nervous but wishing everyone good luck!
freshman at michigan state (enrolled in the lyman briggs college)
30~ transferrable credits? not really sure
4.0 college gpa, 3.7 UW 4.1 W high school gpa
not submitting SAT or ACT :confused:
1 letter of rec (kind of lukewarm)
essays are pretty good imo, 8/10

member of MSU AI club and spartan hackers, was part of orchestra club for two years in hs but not a lot to say there
i also have my ib diploma if that makes a difference

not feeling too confident but hoping for the best ;-;

Make sure your credits do transfer especially for engineering. Michigan is tough on science and math classes transferring in.

just checked, i should have 36 credits including ib credits!
i’m applying for LSA compsci :slight_smile:

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Has anyone here got their decision yet? I know umich does rolling but I heard with freshman applications it might take longer to hear back.

i got an email yesterday saying that my app was accepted for review but that’s the most i’ve heard so far. i think decisions should come after the feb 1 deadline but definitely before early april!

According to previous threads for Fall 2019/20/21, it typically comes out as early as mid January. It could be very likely to hear some good news this coming week. Let’s pray for it

I was accepted to LSA this morning 01/17/2022 around 2:30!!! Applied early November !!!

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Congrats! When did you complete your checklist?


I checked my portal a few hours ago today… Accepted to the College of Engineering!! Still haven’t received an email yet though.

got an offer for lsa yesterday!!! literally cried lol. sorry im jumping the gun a little but does anyone know when the credit transfers will be out?