UMich Fall 2022 Transfer Thread

They should be out within 6 weeks iirc

Congrats! When did u complete ur checklist?

oh i see, thanks! :slight_smile:

I submitted everything around end nov, and they confirmed it on 1st dec

Admitted! LSA Econ

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Congrats! I saw u on winter 2022 thread. Could u share when did u complete ur checklist?

Do you get an email saying your application is under review or does an admissions decision just appear after your checklist is complete?

I just updated my application. I submited my new grades about 10 days before.

How many credits do u have? Could u share ur gpa?

58 credit points. 10 from ap. 3.912 gpa. Have honor course.

Does anyone submit their app and received an email saying that “if materials are not received by the application deadline, your application will be withdrawn.”

I got an email titled “ Entering Students & Families: Apply Now for 2022-2023 Financial Aid” is this just a mass email sent applicants? I finished my checklist and am just waiting for a response.

Wait I was planning on submitting new essays in like four days. And it looks like people are already getting decisions. Do I still have time, considering the actual deadline is February 1.

By the way I got rejected from Winter 2021, so now I updated it to Fall 2022.

Yes, you can update essays until February 1.

Yeah thanks, I just hope I don’t get a decision before I actually update it, although the chances are low that I get it this early.

Yeah, I was worried about the same thing so I submitted over Winter break, maybe call the admissions office to let them know you’ll be updating essays?

Also, my essays last time sucked, so I want to completely change them like everything about them, pretty much new essays. But I am a little bit worried that they are still going to have my old essays and compare them to my new essays, and find it a little weird that they are completely different. Do you think I am just overthinking?

Probably, I only updated one of my essays from the previous term and got accepted. You’ll be fine, good luck!!

Thanks, what format did you send it in? Did you like upload it as a pdf or write it down in the email?