UMich Waitlist

Anything is possible, but WL activity on many college forums on CC has been down this cycle.

As it relates to Michigan’s CC forum, 1st hand WL activity has been almost nil. Maybe even nil. And I’m talking 1st hand reports from a CC member, not someone somewhere said something to someone else and it’s reported here.

Of course, a college can and will go to the waitlist when there’s a need in a program. That’s quite obvious. But IMO, the bottom line, from my perspective is that EA and RD acceptances appeared to be “dialed back” (more WL’s and rejections as a % this year than previous years) and up until today, 6/16/22, WL activity is WAY down here on CC too.

Tiny sampling, but that’s all I can see.


I definitely think WL movement will be much smaller than we initially thought. I agree with you there. All I will say is the waitlist is still open for a reason, and there will likely be some movement before they close it. Possibly not soon, but again, by this point, Michigan would know if they were full or overenrolled. We should all be realistic, but that includes some small, healthy optimism.

Oh also most people here are interested in CS, engineering, or some other STEM field. Colleges rarely accept students off waitlists who applied to those majors, simply because they are really competitive. That is definitely contributing to the small WL activity here. It’s possible that among the small LSA waitlist movement, the people who have been accepted were only those that applied to less competitive majors. That’s why I recommend checking other social media platforms aside from CC for a larger sample size.

My daughter applied to Psychology major at LSA, when her college counselor reached out to UMich AO like 5-6 weeks ago, the response was very direct “we take only a minuscule number off the WL”. We aren’t hoping for any miracle at this point.

Michigan doesn’t admit by major. Majors aren’t declared until Winter semester of sophomore year.

We were told back in 2018 that 75-85% of Michigan students change their majors at least once. So, what you go in thinking about as a major or school often changes.

A perfect example. “Most people” here is an opinion unsupported by data. Again, Michigan admits by school, because most Michigan students change majors and/or schools. I’m aware of a few students who couldn’t get by the Calc sequence at Michigan, for example.

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In that case, how are they determining “diversity” when they admit people from the waitlist? Is it the state you are from? Or race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation?

Michigan typically admits relatively few applicants from the WL, so they likely already have their class profile before any WL activity.

But overall, Michigan certainly tries to achieve a 50/50 +/- balance of gender and also 50/50 +/- balance of in-state versus OOS and International students. How they get to the rest of it, I don’t know.

My daughter didn’t apply undeclared, she did select 3 majors in priority order.

Selecting a priority order with your admissions application is not a declaration or committment to a major. Michigan isn’t a CA public where you’re admitted to a major and a student must go through an arduous process to switch majors.

An LSA or CoE student at Michigan is undeclared or uncommitted to any major until the Winter semester of sophomore year, when you make it official with a form and your advisor’s approval.

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Thats good to know, didn’t know the difference between UMich and large CA public university where my daughter is actually going:). So that triggers another question in my mind…hypothetically speaking if they admit her to LSA, which program would they enroll her in? Please advise

She wouldn’t be enrolled in any program. If she applied to LSA, she would take LSA distribution requirements and declare (or apply to, in a few cases) a major in sophomore year.

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Thanks. Is this for LSA waitlist?

Presumably for the entire university, although I think the majority, if not all of the spots left, are for LSA.

hoping for some sort of email update this week :((


Does Michigan send an email when they are done using the waitlist?

I am sure that they do. I am pretty sure every college notifies when their waitlists are done.

In the portal, under the Messages heading, was there always “Checklist Completed” message? I only recall the message “Waitlist Interest Verified”. I am on the waitlist for LSA, out of state. Maybe I am losing my mind. Lol.

I believe that’s new. Wasn’t there for me yesterday.

I believe it is new. Usually, portal changes translate to decisions, so I think it is most likely indicative of final decisions coming out today