UMKC 6-year BS/MD Program

Someone posted their profile 2 years back and candidate has couple of thousand shadowing hours and openly admitted to have connections that make it possible to achieve those hours in highly sought specialties. To be honest with community, how many high schoolers have that kind of opportunity to shadow? Even a highly successful UG student would never have 2000+ hours in shadowing. IMO, it is a classic example of high SES that has been taking advantage of noble profession and that is how BS/MD programs become. HPME and WUSTL realizes this unintended nuisance and both shut down their BS/MD programs from this year, so now UMKC is a lone BS/MD ranger in mid-west besides GPPA for IL residents only (GPPA encourages its own students to take gap year)"


I’ll be very honest with you, when it comes to UMKC’s 6 year BA/MD program for out-of-state (now called non-resident) students, the university and the medical school don’t really give much in terms of institutional financial aid like grants, scholarships (stuff you don’t have to eventually pay back) to that pool of BA/MD students.

Financial aid overall is probably one of the university’s/program’s greatest shortcomings in terms of the amount of debt that graduating UMKC BA/MD med students come out with.

Back when I entered the program, there was no “regional” tuition for those who come from states adjacent to Missouri (Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arkansas and Illinois). That category took effect in Fall 2007. Their tuition is about half-way in between resident & non-resident tuition.

They do a good job at keeping in-state (now called resident) tuition relatively stable (back when I graduated about 10 years ago, in-state tuition at Year 1-2 was about $24K per year, now averaged out, it’s about $25K per year, Years 3-6 in-state tuition was about $28K per year back then, & it’s now about $34K per year).

It’s non-resident tuition that tends to skyrocket over the years. Even now, with some School of Medicine raised scholarships (see “Scholarships for Incoming Students”), most, if not all, have gone to students in the resident and regional categories:

School of Medicine Estimated Education Fees for 2020-2021

Year 1 (Fall / Spring)
Academic Fees & Costs: $43,236
Room & Board (on-campus fall / spring): $11,796
Books & Supplies: $2,670

Year 2 (Summer / Fall / Spring)
Academic Fees & Costs: $53,797
Room & Board (off-campus): $14,168
Books & Supplies: $2,670

Years 3-6 (Summer / Fall / Spring)
Academic Fees & Costs: $67,037
Room & Board (off-campus fall / spring / summer): $14,168
Books & Supplies: $3,560

As you can imagine, not surprisingly, out-of-state students in the BA/MD program tend to be pretty affluent, and tend to come from very economically privileged (and I’m not just talking about upper middle class) families. I’ve seen some exceptions, but those exceptions tend to take a LOT of loans and as you can imagine, it’s pretty mentally stressful, which can have a HUGE impact on personal experience in the program compared to that of an in-stater.

It’s definitely something that matriculating BA/MD students should not take lightly before going into this program, should fully discuss with their family & maybe even talk to a financial advisor, and should be fully aware of the pitfalls.

Thank you.

Anyone know when interview invitations come out?


It’s in January: " January: Offers to Interview are Extended"

What does the post-interview acceptance rate look like?

BTW thank you for all of your help and guidance @Roentgen

Based off past years, do you know how early or late in January? I saw that on the website and I was confused. I didn’t know if it meant they would be coming out in December, and in January, they offer more, kind of like. a waitlist or something…?

Last year the interview emails were sent out 1/17/2020. This year it will most likely be 1/15/2021. Good luck!

okay thank you!

Hi, how much do you think Research during HighSchool impacts chances? Also how many hours is ok?

This thread this year seems significantly less active than it was in previous years. I am wondering why?

Do you guys know if research outside of medicine like aquatic biology research, considered the same for BS/MD?

Unfortunately, I do not know

Anyone anxious for next Friday?

is this thread still alive or…?

There has been very less activities this year on this thread. It’s surprising. Not sure if the interviews have been sent out. It may come out today around 5pm.

It is vey surprising. Okay, thank you. How sure are you of this?

Just my guess. Past few years have been on Fridays (dates around January 14 - 18). Not sure if they are doing different this year due to Covid.

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Did you get any email?