University of Alabama ranking drops to No. 153 in 2020 U.S. News college rankings - what now?

It says 7 h next to your name, I assumed that meant you posted this comment 7 hours ago. The 2022 ranking came out around Sept 13. I honestly was not trying to be a prick. Try not to assume.

@Atlanta68 The post above about the ranking being #102 was posted on 9/8/21, 16 days ago.

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Now, we’re not allowed to comment on states? :smirk:

The state has the highest death rate (lowest or one of the lowest vaccination rates) from Covid and a crisis in their hospitals. So if I had a child interested in ANY college in Alabama, then I’d choose another state where I wouldn’t have to worry as much.

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It makes me wonder how much state politics really play a role in college admissions and college experience and outcomes. I’m from CA and our crazy political climate has not emptied out the UC’s or CSU’s.

Bama enrolled their largest freshman class ever in 2021 with over 38k students overall. They have basically doubled in size over the past 15 years and run a solid business/school. Majority of students are out of state lured by generous scholarships and a great college experience. Full disclosure - my daughter recently graduated and loved her experience. Bama is a big college brand and a model for other schools looking to grow and deliver a fulfilling college experience.


Ok, Alabama has its issues. So does every other state. Where are the threads about Florida and its political issues? Texas? Tennessee? Why are the universities in these states not being impacted in rankings? Why is it always Alabama, it seems, that gets kicked around on boards like this? I haven’t figured that one out. Understand, I am not picking on you. Nor do I have any ties to Alabama. But it seems any thread on the school recently becomes political. Why? Why do other states get a pass?

Posts about specific states, their COVID approach, and other politics, are all over Cafe and other generic forums. When actions impact specific universities, I think it’s appropriate to discuss them in that school’s forum.

Do you believe the news that the University of Alabama is choosing not to follow medical advice when fighting a global pandemic should not be discussed in the U of A forum because it’s “political”?

Fwiw, a quick search will uncover that I’ve receommend Alabama to many prospective students for the OOS financial benefits mentioned above. I have no problem pointing out the good and bad.


Being a state university, it has to follow state policy. What about the other universities that are doing the same? I don’t see much talk about them.

This is a thread about U of Alabama, but there are plenty of kids (and parents) who want nothing to do with colleges in the other states you mentioned because of the political climate of those states. This has been exacerbated by how some states have dealt with (or not dealt with) the Covid crisis.

For the record, to preserve housing status, my son accepted an offer from Alabama (he has accepted at Iowa State, too). In the portal he was required to certify that he has both COVID vaccinations.

Bama offered $40 to kids to show they were vaccinated.

How do you compare a Bama vs. Iowa State vs. Nebraska vs. UNH vs. Oregon vs. Penn State vs. URI vs. Colorado State vs. Va Tech vs. Wisconsin Whitewater.

You don’t.

Maybe the UCs are up there and UNC and UVA and some will want to pretend Florida.

But does it matter if Indiana is 68 and Bama 153.

Not in the least.

Maybe on a specific major…but as an overall.

When you’re at a cocktail party and talking about colleges, none will resonate more than another…well perhaps Bama because of football.

900+ NM Scholars are at Bama. yes, I know the reason but the fact is they are there.

These ranks are fun - but silly.

You missed the parent forum for the Class of 2025. The handling of the pandemic was obviously an important factor for many parents this year. Some more than others.

I was not allowed to respond to you because my account was temporarily frozen. Let me point out some things to you. 1) The largest demographic in the nation that is unvaccinated is African American. Alabama has one of the largest percentages of Black Americans of any state. These are not exactly the MAGA folks with whom you have already shown your disinterest in engaging. 2) One of the most vaxxed nations on the planet, Israel, is in the middle of a huge rise in COVID cases and deaths. 3) Alabama has one of the highest percentages of obese people in the nation. THAT, more than any other factor, explains the problems with COVID here. 4) Even vaxxed people can spread COVID. These are facts.

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There is not a monolith of medical advice. But one side has viciously suppressed the other’s right to be heard. I notice that the officials in charge of what is allowed to be said about COVID say very very little about obesity, Vitamin D, natural immunity post COVID infection, the epidemic of cases in heavily vaxxed Israel. Etc. *

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Obesity in the state matters far more. Israel has followed the experts and it has been suffering more than most nations.

It is called anti Southern bigotry, and TPTB don’t mind it.

I actually typed out a point-by-point factual response, then erased it, since I don’t want my account to be “frozen.” But some of your facts are incorrect. 'Nuff said.

On the topic of obesity, join us on the Diet & Fitness thread, but I’ve certainly addressed the topic elsewhere on this forum numerous times, including this most recent post on an “Carbon Neutral” thread.

Finally, as I said elsewhere on this site, if I’m a parent of a Class of 2026 or beyond, I’d stay far away from any school in Alabama OR TO ANY STATE where there’s a severe Covid crisis (e.g., no or low hospital beds available), until Covid is under control or gone.

Bottom line: Wear a mask, get vaccinated, socially distance, wash your hands, sanitize surfaces, etc. Works for my family. If your state doesn’t favor those measures, then it’s out of my college list. Thankfully, D21 is my last and she’s now a freshman at a school here in CA, where masks and Covid vaccination (including MenB and several other immunizations) are required.


Nationwide, white Americans make up about 60% of those who are unvaccinated, by far the largest demographic of unvaccinated Americans. (Thus far, a higher percentage of white Americans have been vaccinated as compared to Black Americans and Hispanic Americans, but that gap is narrowing.)

White Americans make up about 69% of the population of Alabama and Black Americans make up about 27%. The two demographics have an identical vaccination rate, a dismal 42%. So there are about 2.5 times more white Alabamans who are unvaccinated than Black Alabamans.

Israel has a little less than twice the population of Alabama. About 18 people are dying per day of Covid in Israel, but 116 people are dying of Covid per day in Alabama. The death rate per 100,000 people is currently about 11 times higher in Alabama than Israel.


This is a thread about UA, not the state of Alabama’s response to COVID. Not a comparison of the state of Alabama versus any other state on that topic. Not about American obesity. Not about the policies of Israel. Move the conversation forward please.

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So many people here, and elsewhere, really like to put Bama down. Why exactly, other then personal bias/prejudice, I don’t know.

My DS graduated with an EE degree in 2019. He had a spectacular experience. Met friends from all over the country. Recently went to a wedding of friends he met there, and their friend group from Bama all went to the wedding and stayed a few days to spend time together.

DS works for the DoD, from his group: Lockheed Martin, Boeing, P&G, and GE being the bigger names. Most were OOS, high stat kids who loved their time at Bama.

Looking at the data for positive cases, UA’s numbers are on the downturn. That stuff is a moving target, but I know on the parent pages, there isn’t a lot of concern being expressed. Most kids seem to be vaccinated.

This is from UA’s website:

The UA campus requirement for face coverings extends through Oct. 1. Face coverings are now required inside all non-residential campus buildings, including all classrooms and academic buildings, and on campus transportation. The rule applies to everyone, regardless of vaccination status.

  • Everyone on campus is strongly encouraged to get vaccinated to [Protect Our Herd] UA will continue to offer the vaccines at no cost through the [Student Health Center]
  • Students, faculty and staff should report vaccines received off campus. Participating students will receive a thank-you Bama Cash reward.
  • Proper handwashing and hygiene practices are expected.
  • Individuals are responsible for cleaning/sanitizing personal workspaces.

What’s Offered

  • Voluntary testing remains readily available at SHC and UMC.
  • Touchless hand sanitizer stations are provided throughout campus.
  • Vaccines continue to be available at no cost through the Student Health Center ]
  • Students who provide proof of their COVID vaccinationwill receive a $40 Bama Cash reward.

Here’s other exciting news - Alabama adding a manufacturing engineering major in concert with Mercedes-Benz. Lots of auto manufacturing activity in the south - makes it a great school for kids wanting to get into the auto industry.

University of Alabama engineering school opens manufacturing program (