University of California Application HS Class of 2023

I would probably compare Chico to Davis. Similar small town vibe.


SLO was my guess! It’s on my daughter’s list as well as the UC’s, but as you say, pretty competitive now, so it’s a reach.


I love this idea!

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I think SLO and UCSB offer a similar vibe (small, central coast beach towns). Western Washington University might be a good WUE school, also coastal.

I could see UCLA and SDSU being along the same lines—similar sizes, in large cities with lots of internships, close to the beach but not on it. Maybe CSU Long Beach, but I don’t know it well.

Agree about Davis and Chico. Maybe also Sonoma State. Montana State, University of Nevada, Reno might be worth looking at for WUE.

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I have to give a shout out to Humboldt for marine biology. One of my husband’s nephews went to Humboldt State, now CalPoly Humboldt for Marine Biology. His goal was to get as far away as possible from Southern California where he grew up, while staying within California. He had a wonderful undergrad experience. Became certified as a diver and worked with a research lab that took regular trips to Baja California for measurements and sample collection. His parents thought the school was beneath him and too far (I think they missed the point there). He excelled and really loved his time there. I frequently wear the hoodie he gifted me. Go lucky loggers!

Also, Cal State Monterey Bay has a great Marine Sciences department.

As far as vibe, I’ve heard mixed opinions about Humboldt. Our nephew thought it was a hippy school but recently one of our acquaintances’ daughters went there and found it very conservative which surprised me. To each their own I guess, but I wouldn’t know which UC to compare it to. Good luck to all of your children.


Humbolt is on the list! Lots of Marine Bio grads, she’s just not sure she wants to be so far north, plus we’ve heard mixed things about the culture as well. Thanks for the plug! :slight_smile:

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You should look at Oregon State. It has both Marine Sciences and Marine Biology, now participates in WUE (but be sure to check what majors are accepted) and apparently Corvallis is considered a great little college town.


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This q may be basic- do all kids only hear of the decisions in March or they hear back as and when the colleges have reviewed and decided through Dec, Jan, Feb also?

My daughter is a UC aspirant.
GPA- 3.92 UW, 4.32 Capped W, 4.5 or 4.6 fully weighted , 7 AP tests taken (5 courses, 2 self study) - 5s on 5, 4 on 1, 2 on 1 AP, 1560 SAT, extraC- TEDX speech, internships- 1 paid, 1 unpaid, founder of business, taught public speaking, Class counsel - 3 years, selective summer program- 1. Applying to business and economics majors at all UCs. here for tips and know hows as we go into this major landmark time as a parent. She is my only.

Here is the decision timeline from last year. Applicants should hear by December/January for information to setup the student portal for each UC campus. LOR requests from UCB or Augmented review requests should all be sent out by the time the student portals have been set up.

2022 Decisions:

UCB: Early admits on Feb 11, 2022. All other decisions on March 24.
UCLA: Friday March 18 at 5 PM PST
UCSD: Friday March 18 around 4:30 PST
UCSB: March 22, 2022 around 2:15 PM PST
UCI: CHP admits March 11, 2022 March 18, 2022 Rest of the decisions
UCD: Friday March 11, 2022
UCSC: Waves starting Friday February 25th. 2nd Wave March 15th.
UCR: Waves starting March 2, 2022
UCM: Waves starting March 1, 2022

Tips: Make sure your students list is balanced with one to two likely schools that are affordable and they would be willing to attend no matter the outcomes.

Once the application is submitted and student portal’s setup, periodically check for any campus correspondence or if additional information is needed. Other than that, be patient and have your student enjoy their Senior year of HS. It is out of your hands so Nothing else can be done until decisions are posted.


Just an FYI: UC’s are test blind so listing/submitting the SAT score will not help in admissions but can be used for course placement.

Your D is very competitive and wishing her the best of luck.

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Thanks so much for the detailed response. What is Early Admit @ UCB? Please ignore, I found the info. Thanks much!

UCB admits High Stat and possible Regent/Chancellor scholarship recipients along with some special program admits for GMP and MET in February. Majority of the admits will be at the end of March.

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Admissions notification dates are always changing. I believe the only school that notifies students of an exact date for admissions decisions is UCSB.

Up until last year, UCI notified high stat students in Feb. Pre-pandemic, UCSB invites to the Chancellors Receptions came out in Feb. For a couple of years, UCLA invited high stat students to apply for Regents in Feb. While it wasn’t an acceptance, if a student was invited to apply for that top scholarship, there was a high likelihood of acceptance. Last year UCLA changed how they awarded Regents. UCSD used to notify high stat students in Feb but they stopped doing that several years ago.

The in-person open houses, road trips and recruiting of admitted students didn’t take place or were much smaller during the pandemic. Hopefully we will see them return this year.

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