University of Connecticut Class of 2027 Official Thread

It is a Status Update I think. When you log on to portal it has this sentence (or something similar)in middle of the page. Click on that to find out


It was in the portal. Got an email saying there is an update to my status. I am OOS


Yea, I am oos still no update on my portal. Should I assume that it is a rejection? So many people have said they got an update, and nothing for me. Should I contact them? It says the last update to my portal was Feb 25 which was for acceptance merit and honors.

Same situation with my daughter , no update on SPiM but only merit and honors. Does not seem hopeful. Looks like they only updated the portals of the people they accepted, maybe rejections will be updated later, hoping for a waitlist maybe…

That 2/25 update will tell you if you got in. I’m confused… did you not click on it?

The 2/25 update was for admission, merit, and honors college. It doesn’t mention SPiM (for me anyway)… i thought there was a new update yesterday for some people who were accepted.

Yes I clicked on it does not say anything about spim.

Anyone with any insight or experience on switching majors once accepted before enrolling? Our student was accepted from OOS. We received no aid. His second choice major would qualify us for the New England tuition rate and could save us roughly $14K. If they don’t allow it, I’m guessing we will be heading elsewhere as UCONN will be the most expensive option.

I don’t know if this is the same for SPIM people, but when I got into the SPIL, it was a different letter that you could access from the status update button. Looks like this:

Maybe try that?


Yea, I do not have that in my application portal. It doesn’t even say the following letters just go directly to the decision letter when clicking status update.

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Thank you, that is helpful, I don’t have the second letter, only the first one from 2/25. I guess we wait…

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I emailed them and turns out they switched me to being a transfer student unstead of an undergrad. Does anyone know how long it takes to hear back for transfers?

Hey UConn said that the decisions are on a rolling basis for SPiM and they should be out mid March. The decisions will be received by postal mail. Thought you should know. I’m not sure how the other people were told about SPiM but I’m going with what the univeristy said.


Thank you so much for letting me know! I wonder why some people got notified in the portal… such a stressful wait. Did you call or email them to ask?

It was through email

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Have any current or past admitted students had any luck with merit aid appeals?

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My D was accepted and received a Leadership Scholarship. Even with that the OOS cost is to high so we thought to eliminate it as an option. However, today she received an email inviting her for a departmental interview for another scholarship. She was accepted to the Animal Science Department. Does anyone know how much this type of scholarship offers? She is kind of frustrated and I don’t want to get her hopes up if this is a small amount. Thanks for your feedback!

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My daughter was invited to this as well & is thinking through whether or not to apply. Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

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Anyone attending the event next Monday in Newton for accepted students? I’m not sure what regions the invite may have been extended to? I’m assuming it’s mostly locals as it’s just a meet and greet.