University of Miami Transfer Fall 2021

I didn’t see a thread for transfers yet so here it is. Apparently last year only about 20% were accepted and decisions were relased from Mid-April to late May. Wonder what it is going to be like this year? I’m applying to the business school with a 3.81 GPA, I have all As… my only “bad” grade was Calculus which I got a B- in so I’m not sure I’m getting in because of that, lol. Since they listed on their site that Calculus should be a B or higher

I don’t really know why you chose to spread disinformation but alright. This information is publicly available. Using UM’s Common Data Set for the 2020-2021 school year, it shows 1,335 admitted transfer students compared to 2,566 total applications, which is a lot more than 20%, in fact, its almost exactly 52%. This is all available by finding the Common Data Set on UM’s website. You’ll be fine with a 3.81 GPA. I suspect that applications might be down this year due to students not having the ability to apply or lack of motivation to apply, so hopefully that might help us transfer students, since it is a lot of effort to jump through the hoops that our current institutions as well as transfer institutions put us through. Hopefully this thread takes off though, I don’t really know anyone else who is applying for Fall 2021 transfer.

Post 212: kunis19, Apr 2020:
“It came at 4:28 ET, GPA 3.98
It said they accepted 500 out of 2500 applicants”.

They might have accepted more then. That’s where I got my information from.

do most transfers get housing?

There’s a first year requirement for freshman. I think it might be hard to get on-campus housing as a transfer. They do provide housing to transfers stated on their website, but on a space available basis.

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I was looking on Reddit and some transfers have been accepted already. Anyone else heard anything back? I’m still waiting

I haven’t but I submitted my application like a couple days before the deadline. Also, my college just today submitted my transfer college report. I would check your Umiami portal to see if all the forms you need have been received.

I have an email from about a month ago that all the forms have been received and that my application is under review. There is a transfer who had everything submitted and received in February and no decision yet either. It’s just a waiting game now I guess lol

Did anyone make a group chat on snap or anything for transfers yet?

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Has anybody gotten accepted yet? I am just wondering.

Still waiting

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Im not sure we will hear back tomorrow. I saw a lot of posts on social media from other transfers who received their decision today. We will most likely hear back in the next batch (April 26)

Oh, my bad. I seriously don’t understand why colleges make it as hard and stressful as possible to just know a single decision. I have classes to register for and housing to arrange in case things don’t go my way and the longer I wait for this school the more stressful it becomes. It’s just frustrating.


yo wait drop ur insta

If anybody wants to snap during these stressful times mine is maxpopiel42 Instagram @maxpopiel

How do you know the next batch is April 26? Do they release the decisions every other Friday?

Every other Wednesday they release decisions

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hi i’m apply to transfer to UMiami as a business major