University of Miami Transfer Fall 2021

you guys think ill be alright with a 3.77 gpa and 3.7 HS?

If you’re applying for Junior year, highschool performance would be irrelevant. However, your grades for both highschool and college are good, and the average GPA at Miami for transfers is a 3.4, so you’re above average.

I am a freshman applying for sophomore year.

Is highschool GPA unweighted?


You should be fine

Do they matter if I had gap years after high school? I am a transfer now

I got an email today after I asked a question regarding my application that said my decision will come out this week. Don’t know if that applies to others, but very well could

This week? :eyes: Like… Wednesday May 5th?

OMGGGGG u gotta let us know if yours comes out!

When did you submit everything for the application?

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I called, they said the same thing. I’d recommend calling if you really care, they lookup your name and tell u when. The wait is around an hour, but if you care a lot it’s not that long.

Where did you guys call?


I called and they didn’t tell me anything.

Whatd you ask?

Who did you guys call?

I called and asked when I would get a decision. The person tells me its just rolling admissions. Maybe the person that I called didn’t want to give out that information I guess

Fingers crossed for a possibility of decisions today :crossed_fingers:

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Whoever finds out their decision let this chat know.