University of Miami Transfer Fall 2021

my admissions counselor told me 3-4 weeks on april 14th. it is we’ll past that date so i don’t rlly trust when they say, i emailed her again today

No I didn’t ask if they still have space but I assume (hope) yes since we have not been rejected. Everything is so confused and they don’t say anything clear, every person who call get a different answer… If someone else call please let us know. Yesterday I asked a friend to call for me since I called like 10 times in the last month.

Yes!! So confused – do descions last day come out next tuesday!?! Who knows because they say dif things

That’s what they told to me. Last day to hear back will be June 15

I just rejected my spot so there is definitely some spots left. Im goin too ND.

Thank you, I hope to get your spot ahaha