University of Michigan EA Class of 2025

Michigan is rated #2 for best college campus in the U.S. JUST SAYING😁

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It’s a tricky topic, and one that people are upset about (including myself)… After hemming and hawing over it for about 2-3 weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that what (all) schools say now, and what will actually happen are two very different things. The UMich “party line” is that 80% capacity on residency (which should be easy enough to achieve - i think that means no triples), and “most classes in person”…no numbers given. Of course, the devil is in the details. For example, quite a few studio art classes (all offered sections under 20 people) are listed as “remote” or “hybrid”, and hybrid is unclear and subject to interpretation. So why aren’t those smaller classes in person? They said that the decision on which modalities to offer (ie. remote, hybrid, and in person) has been left to the individual schools. BTW, it was also said those schedules have been “set in stone” and won’t change. As it stands, about 40% of entry-level studio art classes are offered in person, another 25% hybrid, and 35% remote.

The commitment to return to more in-person classes is very non-committal in terms of numbers. Rather than make most people happy, they have hedged their bet for another semester (in my opinion).

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You guys are awesome and, honestly, my son just said that, in his mind, Michigan is the school for him. He is looking to do either EE or CS and he loves that both of these are within the school of engineering at Michigan.

He’s still considering GT (mainly because it’s much more affordable) and still offers a great engineering program. At GT, EE and CS are in different schools so that adds some complexity. It’s approx $18,000 per year cheaper…not chump change! :slight_smile: But, my son much prefers cold weather over hot so that’s a con here.

Plus, in the last two days, he also got into Duke and Brown.

Duke (believe it or not) is also less expensive than Michigan and allows for a EE / CS double major. Duke would give him smaller classes than Michigan and (maybe) more access to professors.

Brown is really close to our home and has a pretty intriguing open curriculum philosophy. We are just starting to delve into the details.

We are trying to give each of these colleges a good, fair, thorough look before making a final choice!

I got into LSA at umich. Even though I didn’t apply to the engineering school I did look at a tour of the engineering school on youtube. I’d recommend your son watch it, it’s REALLY cool.

Oh, he’s definitely been stalking all the Michigan videos online. It’s an amazingly impressive place! We watched a full campus tour online the other day. I was pretty bowled over with how many buildings there are! The size of it intimidates me, but my son doesn’t seem phased. I can’t wait to visit campus to see it all in real life!

Of your list do GT not Brown for engineering. Duke could be interesting but don’t know about it. Don’t think it’s huge in engineering circles.

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I agree. I’m not sure Brown is the right place for engineering even with the open curriculum option. I will be happy when the decision is made :slight_smile:

So they said that its not open to change?

University of Michigan has to follow the rules of the State of Michigan. It’s. Then make rules locally to their campus. So everything will depend on how Michigan as a state does. Right now they are full force vaccination. My son goes for his tomorrow… So that is a good sign as many students are getting theirs now which is way ahead of schedule.

totally agree, lots of commotion about current spike in COVID (which I agree isn’t good), but vaccine is widely available now, and so picture by late August will be vastly different. It’s just such a shame that they have to commit now to scenario that will change (and likely for the better) in 4-5 months… I’m hopeful, but frustrated at the same time… we simply have to learn to live with virus

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As a piece of encouragement. This year graduation is virtual but… They are opening the stadium to just students… But still virtual on the big screens there. Also students are allowed to take their graduation pictures at the Big House. My son went today… Today… Have to call him… Lol… So they are trying. They are also having different events for the engineering students (each school does their own things)… Non of this was possible even like last month…

FYI, this Washington Post article presents the stories of people who took out student loans for themselves or their children. It’s a must-read for anyone to explain why borrowing for university is a very bad idea:

As much as I love UM, I also cannot recommend taking on hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to attend.

I read this one this morning. Same idea.

When do you think students on the waitlist will hear about their status, i.e., accepted or rejected?

They state June.

Will all the decisions be released at once or one at a time?

I would assume but remember not everyone will accept it for various reasons. Look at the waitlist like it’s pure luck. Stay on it if you want to but get excited about where you most likely will be next year. If you get an invitation for admission then… And only then… You will have a choice to make… But for now… Learn about your next steps to the college you will choose by May 1st… Does that make sense?

Has anyone walked thru the Campus? I know formal tours are cancelled. I want to see the campus with my daughter to get a feel of it before she commits. Can we walk around? I am guessing we cannot see the dorms.

University of Michigan is within the city of Ann Arbor. There are no walls preventing you from walking around. Keep in mind I think Covid 19 is high this week around there.

Hint : call /email a student org in your students major and see if someone can take you around. Just saying.

No one without an ID can enter buildings. Please respect that.

Go to Mden and get some Michigan Gear. :wink:

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