University of Michigan EA Class of 2025

I think dining halls included already with dorms. Not happy about the restrictions being put in place for fall. No more than 3 people in a dorm room at one time and not allowed to visit friends in other dorms. If everyone in dorms is vaccinated they should be allowed a more normal experience. Getting a little ridiculous now.

That’s great if dining halls are included because that would then just add more students to the mix because I’m sure there are plenty of off campus students that want to eat in the dining halls at certain times.

There is nothing set in stone about the number of people in a room or going to other dorms for next year. On the housing page it only says currently. This is a constantly changing scenario and hopefully things will ease up in the fall or after a few months but I would hope they don’t ease up until they know for certain that it is working at keeping case counts low. They can’t have a repeat of this year with sending freshmen home in November for good.

Other schools started this year with no visitors in a room period and due to diligence and vaccines there is much more freedom so by setting a good example and being safe the same can happen at UM.

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When is the housing deadline for admitted students? Do we have to have our roommate selected by then?

May 5 is the deadline for housing.

I honestly can’t remember if you need to have a roommate or not by then. For some reason I do not think so. They start the process so I think you can still put in for a roommate, but maybe there are no guarantees. I know I read it somewhere on something so you should look at the housing emails that have been sent to you and/or the housing page to see if it’s there.

Just sign your commitment and roommate can be blind and do it later.

So on campus the last few days. It’s kinda lively yesterday for a Wed. Everyone wearing masks and getting pizza, being on the diag, at the bars standing talking, wearing masks, using skate boards, running, joking around, being college kids and wearing masks. Nice to see.

Congrats on your son’s graduation!!

Thx so much.

Does anyone know which dorm is traditionally used to house first generation students who want the theme dorm?

Goodbye Franz, I hope you do as well as your brother Mo and definitely better than Iggy! However, I won’t miss your inconsistency on the floor!

The new transfer from Coastal Carolina DeVante’ Jones sounds like the real deal. Next year’s basketball season looks very promising!


Not sure if this will link, but there is a private parent page on Facebook for the class of 2025. There is a ton of great info. Facebook Groups

Not sure that’s the group or not, but there is one parent group that to join you need an invite from someone already in it and to be friends with them.

ETA: I don’t think this is the particular group.

This is the 2025 only group. Yes the other is the super secret group, but if you join this one and ask the moderator she will friend you and add you to the main group

Yes true. I seem tone in 3 or 4 different groups! Ahh too much stimulation and the same questions over and over and too many pictures lol.

I never joined any parent groups. Let me know what I missed… Lol

Haha lots of good stuff but lots of repetitive stuff and way too many pics. Now I understand why the official UT group doesn’t allow pics. Also way too many helicopters whirring as parents are looking for the roommates for their kids instead of the other way around. Lots of cute kids though. I wonder how many of these kids know their parents are doing this.

How many kids know their parents are doing this?.. 0%…lol…

Now you know why I never joined. Lol… :wink:.

Hopefully there is some useful information to gather… Like people with extra football tickets… :football::tickets:

Haha, exactly! I am quite sure most of the kids don’t know their parents are pimping for them.

There’s even now a jewish group for michigan parents, but open to anyone.

Did U Mich change their AP policy recently or I missed this completely!

Looks like there are placement tests for Chem and Math prior to orientation with your performance in the test determining your placement. Does it mean you don’t get automatic AP credit (See last sentence below)?

Math Placement top

"All engineering students are required to complete the online math placement exam prior to Orientation. You can access the Math Placement Exam here. The Math Placement Exam will recommend that you either start with Math 105 (Data, Functions, and Graphs) or a Calculus class which is most often Math 115 (Calculus 1).

Your placement is determined not only by your Math Exam score but also your SAT or ACT math scores and your high school grade point average. Math 105 is a preparatory class for UM Calculus. You may be strongly recommended for Math 105 or tentatively recommended. If you are recommended for Math 105, your chances of success in Calculus without taking Math 105 are extremely low. You may also be strongly recommended for Math 115 or tentatively recommended.

In all cases, a Math advisor will be available during Orientation for consultation. If you have AP credit for calculus courses, you may be able to move on to the next required math class in the sequence."

My D18 was required to take placement tests in language, chem and math prior to orientation. And then met with her advisor during orientation, went over the placement test results and AP scores and ultimately gave her AP credit for BC, Chem and the language. Unless I’m misunderstanding something, the process sounds the same.

Same here.