University of Rochester Transfer Fall 2021

Anyone else received an offer from UoR?

Nope. Still waiting to hear back. Does the application check list go away when a decision comes out? Like when you log in to check your status.

@croissant3890 I am wondering the same.
My documents were sent a little bit later than deadline. That makes me so worried.

@iwantdegree Yeah, my documents were also a couple of days late but I can still see my checklist on myROC. Haven’t heard back from them yet.

D accepted today with a $17k Dean’s scholarship.

That is amazing! Congrats! I am still waiting for my decision. Did you get like a status update email? Also when did you get all of your materials in?

Thank you! She’s very happy. She received an email telling her to check her portal. She submitted everything by March 20.

Hope you hear soon!!

I just got accepted with an 11k scholarship!!!

Awesome!! :tada: congratulations!

Got accepted to BNS major. Good luck everyone.