University of Rochester

At the presentation we went to for Rochester, they mentioned that they were no longer participating in the National Merit scholarship program: Scholarships – Financial Aid & Scholarships (it’s under the national scholarships section).

I know that but its drastic deduction going from full pay to nothing is terrible at least $25,000.00 would have been nice. U of R gets lot of foreign students I guess they don’t need to offer merit to attract student. I just want to caution student looking for merit, don’t waste time.


We got our financial aid this morning. Ugh. Most expensive school by far. So disappointing

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Did you run the NPC, and if so, how did it match up? U of Rochester is a school that looks like a good fit for my S24, but the NPC is right on the border of what we can afford. If it is no higher than that, we would still consider it, but if it’s likely to come in at a higher price, we should just forget it now.

No I didn’t… Dad and I are divorced. I tried to get him to run it (and then add ours together so we could estimate) he wouldn’t do it for any school so we went in completely blind.
DD got a 25k scholarship but with the aid it’s still 57k a year:(