University of Texas at Austin Class of 2023 Admissions

My daughter is a freshman at UT. She was auto admit and her portal changed to “accepted” and she received a banner and acceptance letter in the regular mail in mid-October. (I have a picture of her holding the banner dated Oct 17). The portal updated saying accepted to UT but she had to wait until Feb. 1, to get accepted into her major. This was the same for every one of her friends. I know several waves went out before Feb. 1, where some people were notified of majors earlier, but I believe the vast majority were not told until Feb. 1. (I’m not sure if certain schools notify earlier. Most of her friends are in CNS).

Feb 1, was very stressful. We must have ‘refreshed’ the screen a thousand times! She was accepted to her first choice in CNS.
Good luck to you both!

Congrats @Mojo1995 !
And thanks for the helpful info. I wasn’t sure if auto admits get notification of acceptance into the university or only after accepted into their major. Sounds like the former (university acceptance).

@romns116 , Glad to help! Assuming it’s the same as last year, yes, you should definitely be notified early of admittance to UT if you’re auto admit but will most likely have to wait a long time for your major. I’m not sure why some admissions waves went out earlier than Feb 1, (and what students were accepted at that point) but you’ll most likely have to wait until Feb 1.

It seems like a forever wait!

My class of 2022 son was an auto admit. He found out his major in December and his honors acceptance in January.

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I’m excited to see everyone’s progress!

S19’s app entered completed status on 9/21. Scholarship interest app submitted 9/22.

He has one question left (describe yourself in 5 sentences) on the TexesExes Scholarship app. I’m not sure he’s even started the Honors app.

Thanks @Mojo1995 and congrats to your daughter and you as well on a job well done. This is helpful information and hopefully will ease the stress a bit when our son’s status changes in mid-October (hopefully).

Here are my stats! I’m not automatic, but I think I have at least a solid shot at getting in

  • ACT: 34 (31 Math and 35's on the rest)
  • GPA: 3.96/4
  • AP courses: world-4, lang- 3, APUSH- 3, gov, Econ, APES, lit, calc AB
  • Race: White male
  • Rank: 98/510 (competitive public school)
  • In-state/lives in Texas


  • Choir President
  • Leading roles in multiple theatrical productions (my school’s theatre program is extremely competitive)
  • Started campaign for more interactions and less technology abuse among teens
  • UIL One Act Play
  • Drama Club
  • Won multiple awards for vocal, bassoon, and percussive solos
  • Marching band percussionist through junior year
  • Concert band bassoonist and percussionist through junior year
  • AP Scholar
  • Worked at a christian camp on work crew for three weeks
  • Volunteer young life leader selected out people from my class

Awesome letters of recommendation (2 teachers, counselor, and one from my boss from the camp I worked at).

Fingers crossed!!

pretty sure i sent in my application on august 2nd. i’m in the top 3% of my class, so i know i’m automatic admission. should i be expecting a response this month? also, are my chances of getting my major higher because i am auto admit/i submitted my application earlier?

Hello. Congrats to all auto admits. My daughter is 46/658. Missed it by a few students!! 1460 Sat, 31 Act. 5.28 GPA on 6 point scale at an extremely competitive 6a school. Ap scholar with distinction as of junior year, 7 honor societies, 4 year school activity, several officer positions and ECs. Summa cum laude graduate. Applied to Mccombs Hoping we get a yes!! Odds?? Isnt that crazy to be so anxious? I’m proud of her already.

@enterscreenname Congrats on all of your hard work. Based on last year’s thread, auto admits should hear something this month. It looks like it was more toward the middle to the end of the month before people started posting that their status changed in 2017. I don’t think the timing of your application helps much, though, with your major. It has more to do with which college to which you applied. For example, the College of Liberal Arts seemed to notify students a lot quicker than College of Natural Science, which waited until after the 1st of the year for most people. McCombs also notified a little sooner I believe. You can look at the thread here for more info, but it’s really long:

@TXlove there is no rhyme or reason to UT’s admission process if your child is not an auto admit. By her scores you posted, it seems like she has a pretty decent chance of admission to the university. Regardless, you should be very proud of her. It’s obvious she’s worked really hard and will be successful wherever she lands. Good luck to you and her!

I started a similar post before this one on another page for UT, but then found this page specifically devoted to Admissions. Everyone seems to be finding this page, which is good. However, someone posted last night on the other page and said that she heard from the UT Admissions office to look for an update on October 8th if your child is an auto admit. No idea whether that will apply to everyone who applied before that date, but it is movement in the right direction. Fingers crossed.

Saw that other post! Hoping every AA hears good news on the 8th.

Nothing new here. Status still “complete”. Anyone’s status change to “in review”?

On another note, we’re scheduled for the Plan II info session (2 hrs long!) at the end of this month.

@UTDad1995Grad thank you for your reply! applying early and being impatient don’t go well together :))

Hey everyone! I submitted my application as of Sept 23. When do you think the earliest is for a decision to post? I’m auto-admit but I’m so restless waiting for a response!! Hoping to get the biology major too


Another poster mentioned the AO told them AA notifications may be released early as Oct 8. Would be nice, but I’m not holding my breath.

Last year’s thread (linked above) had AA notifications in mid Oct.

So is anybody applying for housing yet? Does UT go by a timestamp based on when you apply to housing like TAMU?


Yes, they use the university app time stamp.

S19 filled out the initial housing app as soon as it was available (afttet UT confirms University app submission). It’s a short form that simply asks if you’re interested in housing (no housing prefs specified). Once it’s submitted, the student will get an email that says:

Congratulations on completing your UT Austin Housing Application for Academic Year 2019-2020.

For new incoming students (First-Time Freshman), we will be offering contracts in housing application date order, who have accepted their admissions offer to the University and paid their enrollment deposit which is refundable until May 1. Contract offers will begin being offered on March 1st.

I’ve heard October 8th was a possible notification date for auto admits. Did anyone’s status change?