University of Texas Canfield Business Honors Program Class of 2025 - UT BHP

Did she her application early or regular?

just got my interview today! which was really unexpected, my stats are pretty average and im OOS. How big of a chance do you have getting accepted into UT if you get a bhp interview?

no! i just got mine today and saw a few people on reddit who got it a few days ago. don’t lose hope!

How were you notified of the interview? Email or phone? Also, do you mind sharing stats? My son was accepted in mid-dec to McCombs and has not gotten an interview yet, also OOS. BTW, good luck!

I’m in the same boat. Really hoping I at least get an interview.

i was notified by email! 3.8 gpa, 60ish/420 rank (my school doesn’t rank, just a guess), 33 composite act (but i sent all of my scores which came to a 36 superscore, not sure if they considered that), girl scout gold award,

I wouldn’t consider those stats average. You are in the hunt!

agree with sfo2ord. Your stats are v impressive. Good luck with the interview!

thank you so much! congrats to your son on getting accepted!

thank you so much!

She submitted application early in September.

A student of mine just received her interview invite yesterday and is being interviewed on Monday. Rest assured that interview invites are still going out!

I just realized that I had my interview on the 6th of January, but I forgot to send my interviewer a thank you note :frowning: Do you think I should still email her, apologizing and thanking her for taking my interview or is it already too late? I feel so stupid LOL

Has that student already been accepted to mccombs? In state or oos?

Yes, already accepted to McCombs. In-state at private school that doesn’t officially rank

my interviewer didnt even respond to my thank you email lol

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You did what ought to be done.

it’s cool man, I had an interview in like October and my interviewer took like 4/5 days to reply back to my thank you. She/he’s probably just busy u’ll be good

@jbjbjb Congratulations to your daughter! My daughter is in CBHP fka BHP and loves it!

For the rest of you hopefuls, don’t lose hope. Mine wasn’t interviewed until after Presidents weekend and was accepted a few days later. She was accepted into McCombs however, in the first OOS batch that year in early December. They really do interview and accept people throughout the entire process. It’s a phenomenal program and I can’t say enough. And, even if it’s straight McCombs, you can’t go wrong with that choice either. Truly. McCombs at UT you cannot go wrong from an academic perspective.

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I applied right before the extended deadline of December 15th. I am international student. I have ranked consistently at the top of my class for all years of high school. My school does not give ranks or gpa’s but i topped my class in 9th and 10th grade. I also have all A*s predicted at A levels. I started a non profit at the age of 13, expanded it to 2 cities and it has been covered my national newspapers. I also run a crowdfunding campaign to help disadvantaged students gain access to technological resources. I have written research articles which are currently under review by the Indian center of public policy, started my school’s economics club, won state level debate competitions, was the regional winner of the International Finance Olympiad and was awarded by the Indian parliament for leadership in the field of debate and public policy.

Despite all this I still have not received an interview invite and I am slightly scared coz I could not submit any ACT/SAT scores due to the lockdown in India in 2020. By brother went to McCombs and so I really dont wanna break the tradition. What are my chances of admission. It would be cool to get some outside perspective on my application.