<p>I never got the specific Upromise card but I did register my ‘regular’ Mastercard on the Upromise site and do shop through upromise to landsend and kohls.
I would have shopped online at those stores anyway. So remebering to click through the upromise site has put a few hundred per year in our pockets.</p>

<p>It worked fine for me. Saved enough over the years for books for my son. I only order what I would anyway, but if for instance if I order an exercise machine online from a company they have on their list, I will go through their site and get 5% back. Every time my daughters found a deal on Gap, JCrew, so many stores, I’d order through them. It’s one extra step, but doesn’t cost me a dime, and I get money I wouldn’t have before. Even if I get only 15.00 one month, it’s 15.00 I didn’t have before. If I’m ordering from Walmart or Bed and Bath (college stuff added up) why not get a percentage back in savings?
I wish I started it when my kids were younger and made a point to remember to use it for all online orders that I could. </p>

<p>I don’t use the credit card often, but do have one.</p>

<p>We’ve used uPromise for nearly 9 years and have accumulated about $1700 in savings, mostly due to our normal online shopping but going through the uPromise website. For example, I order Omaha Steaks for my aunt for Christmas. uPromise gives me 5% of the purchase. Barnes&Noble: 3%. BestBuy: 2% etc. So I just do my normal shopping and the money adds up – slowly, but I’m happy to have that $1700! And I don’t think you have to use it for college. You can just request a distribution and they’ll send you a check. We have ours go right into a 529.</p>