USC Class of 2026 — Regular Decision

Don’t worry, it was just for Dornsife. It went to my daughter, not me. And she applied to Marshall, so go figure…

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also applied to Marshall & received promotional material for Dornsife today

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Must we submit mid-year transcripts? Is it a necessity for USC?

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Does USC send out acceptance notifications end of January? I’ve seen Youtubers with January emails or are those only for top scholarship recipients?

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The January acceptances are for scholarship recipients among those who applied by the December 1 deadline. Everyone else receives acceptance notices in late March.

Yes, you should definitely submit a mid-year report (or your school counselor does it).

Was this the Dornsife newsletter? My daughter is signed up and they mentioned virtual events — or is it something else?

my daughter has worked harder this semester than any other but due to personal struggles outside of school her grades do not reflect it, because this we are really hoping to avoid sending the mid-year report. In addition, is there a deadline for the report, perhaps if it is later she can send her current grades as well to show that she has grown considerably after dealing with external issues?

I don’t know what the specific deadline is this year, but usually schools want them by mid-February so they can help inform admissions’ decisions before the March release date. This may be a situation where your daughter would want to reach out to the admissions officer assigned to your state/region and explain the situation and context surrounding her first semester grades. Or perhaps the school counselor could reach out if he/she is familiar with the situation and can put her mid-year grades in context. I honestly don’t know what (if any) the consequences would be of not submitting the mid-year report at all, as I don’t know what admissions officers do in those situations (is it considered a red flag? I don’t know). Eventually though she will have to submit her senior year transcript to USC or whatever school she decides to attend. Good luck to her and stay positive!

Has anyone else attended any of the live chats put on by Viterbi admissions? If you have not, you should consider it. They are really interesting. I just got an email for one on Sunday called Research & Projects at USC Viterbi. If you’re interested in Viterbi you should check it out.


If I only got NMF and no consideration for the better scholarships, will i still receive a decision at the end of January? Or will I find out during RD dates

NMF is basically independent of January scholarship decisions. The people who are selected to interview for the Presidential (1/2 tuition) and Trustee (full tuition) are notified in January. Their NMF status is not in play for these results. Of course being NMF is a good thing, but it is not why someone is chosen for the Presidential - they are two different things.

While a person who is accepted to USC that is an NMF receives the same 1/2 tuition as the Presidential, it is only the Presidential with other scholarships (Trustees) that people are notified about being a candidate for.

A person that receives an interview for Presidential that also ends up being NMF is therefore guaranteed to receive the 1/2 tuition whether they do well enough or not in the interview to receive the Presidential.

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You cannot avoid sending the mid-year report, at many schools the counselor or system they have in place ensures they are sent as well. Sending them late is only risking a decline in admission because they don’t have the info they need in time to make a decision.

Agree with foxmom111 - she should email her advisor and let them know USC is number 1 choice and if her grades are actually an issue (not the one or two B’s that applicants think is horrible, which isn’t) she could write about the obstacles she faced and what she learned to carry forward with her, and how she is committed to a strong spring semester. More facts and what she learned and less a letter of excuses is better.

Face it head on, she really can’t hide the mid-year report.

Good luck and Fight On!

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Incase it wasn’t clear, the direct answer to your specific question was you would be waiting till March during the regular notification cycle.

Really appreciate all the timely and useful information you provide to this forum, CADREAMIN! I have a question: my daughter has taken multiple DE classes from several different community colleges the last few years and we had each college submit transcripts directly to USC in November. However, they are not listed anywhere on her portal - only her high school transcripts are listed. Is there a way to verify that the various transcripts have been received by USC without contacting the school directly? Thanks!

CO22 I got an invite for one of the upcoming one and was debating whether to sign up. Seems from your note that they are worth attending. Is this something new for Viterbi or do they do it every year?

I don’t know if they do it every year, but I have attended a few this year and they have all been interesting and informative.


You’e welcome, thanks for the kind words. You could also upload a copy of them under additional information (I think that is there as an option). And send a quick note to her admission advisor saying they were sent but since you don’t see them in her portal you also uploaded them. Doesn’t hurt to have an excuse to reach out and get her name in front of her advisor. Short and sweet, something like - “Hi xxx, I took DE classes and had transcripts sent, but don’t see them in my portal, so I uploaded them as well to be sure you have the info. Just wanted to give you a heads up about this. Thanks and Fight On!” Always good to end with Fight On. :v:

Students shouldn’t be scared to contact their advisor with valid useful info. That’s a good thing that shows interest and commitment.


Awesome! Thanks so much for your time CADREAMIN!

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How do you think 2 Bs would look for my son’s first semester grades senior year? One is AP Calc and the other is an Honors English class. Technically his GPA is still a 4.0. Would it hurt his chances with admissions?