USC Class of 2026 — Regular Decision

As an aside… I’m not a fan of USC and UCLA deciding to join the Big Ten conference as to all sports as soon as 2024 potentially. These are after all “student athletes”. Electing to force them to fly as far away as Pennsylvania (Penn State) or New Jersey (Rutgers) all in pursuit of a better financial deal seems unwarranted and unjustified. No more “weekender” road trips up to Stanford. Oh well… so long to the PAC-12 it seems.


I have opinions but I think this would be better if it is a separate thread so others can comment as well.

USC adding Early Action option for next year!


Yes big changes for USC and applicants!

EA applicants will be considered for merit but have to apply by November 1st.

Also several schools will now have a final deadline of December 1st to apply and will be considered for merit:

Iovine and Young Academy
Kaufman School of Dance
Roski School of Art & Design
School of Architecture
School of Cinematic Arts
School of Dramatic Arts
Thornton School of Music

WBB has earlier final deadline of Nov 1st.

Pay attention to these new deadlines when applying and hoping for merit!!!


I feel like this is a subtle yet significant change. Now students who wishes to apply SCEA or REA at schools like Stanford, Harvard, etc. will NOT be able eligible for a merit scholarship at USC which was never the case before! Wonder why the change?

Where are you finding that info? The link did not say much.

I think it is being inferred from the statement that EA applicants will be considered for merit, which would seem to imply that other applicants aren’t considered (or might not be considered), althought it doesn’t say that explicitly.

This is what I’m reading on the page:

  • EA for non-portfolio/audition majors: Deadline is 11/1, considered for merit.

  • Portfolio/audition majors: Deadline is 12/1, considered for merit. These applicants are considered RD (so this would not conflict with SCEA/REA).

  • RD for non-portfolio/audition majors: Deadline is 1/15.

Not that much different than the previous scholarship deadline except that it excludes some majors and notification of acceptance is earlier like January… which would be amazing.

I wonder what the rules will be…

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Over the last 20 years, scholarship notifications have always been Jan 25th-ish with exception of the couple covid years when they pushed into early Feb.

Right… so I wonder will everyone that applies EA get some kind of admission decision in Jan? like admit, deny, deferred

Or will it still only be scholarship decisions in Jan/Feb like previously?

It says “applicants selecting Early Action will be notified of their admission or deferral to Regular Decision in mid- to late January 2023.” So yes, they should get an admission decision in Jan.

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Yes, inferring that ONLY EA applicants (to USC schools that don’t require a portfolio) will be considered for merit scholarships.

Therefore, if you want to be considered for a USC merit scholarship you have to apply EA which will preclude you from applying REA and SCEA at other schools. I do think this is a significant change since many students in previous years applied REA or SCEA at other schools and were still able to apply to USC by 12/1, thus making them eligible for a merit scholarship.

Another thing to consider when making the difficult ED/REA/SCEA/EA decision…

I thought applying REA precludes you from applying ED somewhere else, not EA. My daughter applied REA to Notre Dame but EA to many other schools.

I believe when you have a REA, you can only apply EA to public universities.

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I think it depends on the school. ND appears to be more flexible. But Harvard, for example, says this on their website:

“ * If you are applying to Harvard under Restrictive Early Action, you may not apply to any other private institution under an Early Decision, Early Action, or Restrictive Early Action plan, or to a binding early program at a public university.”

I wish EA would have existed when my son applied for the class of 2021. The stress of waiting until the end of March was high.

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Sad to learn of the assassination of former prime minister Shinzo Abe of Japan. He attended the precursor of the USC Price School of Public Policy back in the 1970s.


Drop off is getting close! We’ll be in L.A. next week to vacation a bit with S22 before we move him in. Currently trying to get him to start packing!


Congrats on this monumental transition for him and all of the new incoming freshmen… and to all of the new Trojan families as well.

We did the same each time… as I had two daughters attend there, three years apart.

There is so much to do and see within just a quick car ride away from campus, so you might as well take in as much of it as you can while there. In our case, I recall renting a car for each drop-off trip out to L.A. from Florida and exploring the Griffith Observatory and Hollywood Hills, Malibu, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Downtown L.A., Beverly Hills and even Disney.

From USC, you can literally be at the beach or up a mountain all within 30-40 minutes or so. There is lots to do and take in. I do recall being the one to have to insist on getting my kids moving to do it all, but ultimately they were glad I did so. Without nudging, they would have been content to see far less and veg much more.

And then of course there is the actual move-in, including the extra trips to Target and Trader Joe’s for all of the essentials. Fun times. Enjoy!

And Fight On! :v:


Our household is in full packing mode! Looking for restaurant suggestions. We’re having dinner with D’s roommate and her family after we move her in on the 17th. We’ll be casual and wanting someplace relatively close, with fun atmosphere.