USC vs UCLA- Business

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But seriously, you brought up excellent points for poster to consider.

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Found the rate published by UCLA. 93% graduate in 12 or fewer quarters. That is four academic years or less not the 6 year rate as you stated.

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The difference is in the definition. They are measuring grad rate by quarters attended. The CDS uses years from matriculation. Take a look at their CDS numbers. It’s exactly as I said.

USC is a regional school. Especially their business school.

Their placement is no where near UCLA’s.

I wouldn’t call usc regional. For undergrad their placements are largely the same as UCLA. And in SoCal their alumni network is unmatched. Especially in the OC area.

UCLA does have a better reputation nationally including Anderson. But within SoCal usc could be a better option because of that concentrated network.

My company has huge populations of bruins and Trojans. I don’t notice a talent difference at all


@simba9 Yay, appreciate the voice of reason. The Varsity Blues thing was awful of course, but of course being from USC, I was asked about/commented to a lot. I reply by asking if they can name any of the more than 50 parents from more than 10 other schools that gave Singer money to get their kids in, including the one that gave $4M, and another $6.5M! Loughlin’s was peanuts compared to those, but no one can name them. What I have learned from all this, is that many people get their news from Entertainment Tonight and Yahoo. I find that more scary than Aunt Becky ever could be.

Agree with @10s4life on persective of the schools. The bigger difference in this comparison is in each of the programs, this is WBB for USC - only 45 accepted students and you spend three of your four years abroad - Hong Kong, Italy, one country your choice and LA. It’s a really neat program for those bold enough for it. You also get 3 degrees upon completion of the WBB Program (USC and the partner schools).

More than anything, OP needs to decide if they want this global experience or a traditional 4 year experience. Both great choices, but totally different college experiences.


thank you so much, you have been extremely helpful to me even on the main usc thread!!!

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At UCLA there is also the value investing program that has a lot of support and is one of the few ways at any school you can enter the buy side of the industry out of undergrad.,direct%20capital%20to%20enhance%20value.

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If you compare the placements of Anderson vs Marshall it’s not even close.

USC is a regional school whereas Anderson has a national to their placement.

Why do you keep on bringing up Anderson? The OP is an undergraduate. Anderson is a graduate program. Anderson is a fine program, but it isn’t a M7. At best it is the 3rd best BSchool in CA.