UT Austin class of c/o 2022 admissions

Auto-admits will get a notification that says something like “Congratulations! You may already know that you have automatic acceptance to UT. We don’t know about your major yet.” You’ll find out about your major before you hear about Engineering Honors. It will probably be spring before Engineering Honors decisions are released.

I’m applying to Plan II Honors and my application status also changed for that too. It now says “We’re reviewing your Plan II Honors application.”

Ongratulations who all have good stuff going on! So exciting! My daughter still says complete. She is from a non ranking school though so I figure we might not hear soon. She is applying Plan 2 and BHP also

My son’s status changed to "Congratulations! You have been automatically admitted to The University of Texas at Austin.
Your application is still being considered for admission to your requested majors.

My son’s auto admit notice posted today- the one day I hadn’t checked. Thanks for the heads up CC.

Now we wait some more…I’m way worse at waiting than he is.

My DD’s auto admit notice posted today as well! I did not actually get to see it, but I take her word for it. For those coming after us, her application was complete on October 4th. Her first choice major is Mechanical Engineering.

My application changed from complete to under review. Not auto admit for Natural Sciences.

My application says it is now under review. I am not automatic admission.

Would anyone here mind posting their stats? Most other admissions threads do it so why not! :))

I applied on the 9th, mine is still in the “Complete” stage

Stats: My daughter attends a private school in Texas which does not rank. She has all A’s in top classes. As many AP’s as school allows. 34 ACT and lots of leadership…student body president, class president etc. played volleyball and was generally very active all four years.

She applied Oct 1 for plan 2 and business honors. Status just says complete but she has had an interview with business honors so I am hopeful…

Remember the days when we just went to school, had fun, applied to UT and got in? I don’t think I even knew my class rank until graduation but I know I didn’t make all A’s! Ugh. Glad I am not doing it now!

Stats: 34 ACT, star athlete, community service hours, lots of leadership, non ranking school so not auto-admit, applying to Engineering Honors.

32 Act, 4.0 Weighted GPA, Beyond standard work & leadership experience, solid essays - applying to UT Business Honors Program (BHP). I sent my application in on the 9th of October and it still says “complete.” Not expecting anything yet, but just posting an update.

I just finished my application, but the housing portal isn’t letting me apply for housing! It keeps saying I need to log out and log back in, but when I do nothing works! Is anyone else having this problem?

ACT 30, SAT 1480, Ranked 4th out of 568. Four years of band plus leadership in big organizations like NHS and Student Council. Strong rec letters and pretty strong essays. Applying to Biochemistry (CNS) and Plan II Honors (COLA), hopefully supplemented with pre-med.

So my daughter’s status is now in review! Anyone know what that means or how long they stay “in review?”

DD was also auto admitted (top 1%) waiting on Biomed Eng

Top 1%! Wow! You’ve got a very smart daughter! Nice work - I do hope she gets into Biomed Engineering! Good luck!


My son is top 2%, auto admit. Waiting on Civil Engineering and Honors.

Update: My Application for UT General Admission is Under Review. I am applying to the Business Honors Program @ McCombs & Communications Advertising as my second choice. I’ll post updates as they are received! Sooo pumped!