UW Class of 2025 Waitlist


I’ve had that since my regular application was submitted man

That’s weird because it disappeared after I got my decision and only reappeared yesterday

Do we think there will be waitlist movement this week?

has anyone mailed/called admissions office regarding this?

I know this year is completely different but the same waitlist thread for 2024 had a waitlist clearance on May 8th. So I’m anticipating movement on May 7th this year.

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I just read on the other Wisconsin thread that it is too late to even pick a roommate. So at this point, if accepted off the WL you have to get a random assigned roommate. Makes that WL spot less appealing. I wonder why they set the deadline for roommates so early?

Unfortunately, I heard that Wisconsin most likely will not use their waitlist this year. The University of Minnesota sent out an email to all of their waitlisted students saying that they are accepting none of them (maybe some people got called off early), and many expect Wisconsin to follow suit. Does anyone know more about this, I’m praying it’s not true.

why would wisc follow suit man?

Where did you hear it from? Your counselor? The admissions office?

Yes, why would wisconsin necessarily do the same?

According to the UMN thread, they got let off April 21. If Wisconsin were doing the same thing, I feel like they would’ve done it by now. UMN Class of 2025 — Regular Decision Release Date: By Mar 31 - #265 by ehk123

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My school counselor told me that he suspects Wisconsin will follow but leave kids on the list for the summer just in case they loose enrolment. Obviously this is all sort of a guessing game but I’m still hoping for the best!

I doubt this to be true because they just recently asked for information to be updated through a form, why make students jump through hoops if you have no intention of going to your waitlist to start with?

Are they planning to release some decisions now from the waitlist? All the people must have committed or denied now.

I agree. Why would they ask for another submission if not to weed kids out on the WL? But I guess it is feasible they had an unexpectedly high yield yesterday and they won’t use the WL.

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I believe wisc asked us to update our info for reasons.

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What grades did everyone put in the form? I do not have my grades yet so would I just update them with what I currently have?

My counselor told me to send quarter 1 grades but I did first semester grades cause they were the same both quarters. I was kinda confused cause I applied Feb 1st when my first quarter was completely done, and I think my counselor sent in my first semester transcript. I’m not 100% about what to do or if I did it right but I would say send in anything that has been finalized or is on a transcript (grades that don’t change; not including classes you’re currently taking because they can still change and aren’t finalized). I’m sure either your first semester grades or your third quarter grades (if your 3rd quarter has ended) would be fine. I’m a student who is in the same spot as you so maybe don’t act on my advice until someone who knows more about this kind of stuff steps in! Good luck