Vanderbilt University Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

I also don’t see a withdraw button - but no sign of decision. This probably means that the decisions are done but they are just finalizing a few things prior to releasing them? Or they are not allowed to post them prior to the “release date” which they have established. I am not sure, if anyone else hears anything - speak!!

Anyone have any insight on when decisions are coming out?

Ask your college counselors if they have access to a program called Slate - its for counselors only, but it states whether their students’ applications are in progress, complete, decided, or accepted/rejected/etc. On my slate portfolio, according to my counselor, my application is still at the “complete” stage, not yet decided

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I can confirm that it means nothing. If you go to the various ED threads on here (no matter the school) you’ll find all sorts of examples where it had no bearing / meaning.

I must be imagining things but I swear I found Dec 13th as the date about a month or so ago… trying to look it up these past 2 weeks and can’t find any mention of that date.

Historically, it’s been Tues/Thurs in the second full week of December. So, 13th or 15th? A few years is was Friday, but the norm has been Tues/Thurs.


S applied RD but early for merit consideration. Should he have requested an interview somewhere? Is it too late? (Also, if he is not selected for merit, which we know is a super long shot, will he still get his decision earlyish or just with the rest of the RD applicants?)

most likely he wouldn’t hear until the RD date if he applied RD.
merit at vandy must be really hard to get. he must be pretty special if you are hoping for it.

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well, he’s special to me! It’s unlikely he will get it but it was only 1 extra essay to apply. And among the small number of elite schools that offer merit they give more $$ to more students than any other, followed by Emory.

I hope it works out for you! we didn’t even think of applying for merit- will be lucky enough to just get in!

but I don’t think applying for merit will change the notification day, regardless.


I heard that in the portal there is a place where you can indicate that you are willing to have an interview whether it be in person or virtual. Whether they actually provide interviews based on interest from this, do not know.

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My dd had an interview but she applied ED1. I would think they would try to get interviews for the ED2 applicants before they get to RD.

Vandy says it’s merit scholarships go to the top 1 percent of applicants. We are also in the hoping to get in group so didn’t apply.

Yes. However, Vandy merit scholarships have also been considered a bit of a back door form of demonstrated interest (even though DI is not marked as weighed, this has proven to have been the case in past application cycles). If you can, definitely apply for merit. May increase your chances.


any portal astrology?

None that I can see, other than withdraw button being gone but I’ve seen previous posts saying that has no weight

Nothing except my withdraw button being gone. Does this mean anything tho?

From what I’ve heard, probably not

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I think we lost our withdraw buttons because Vanderbilt doesn’t allow you to change your application type beginning 2 weeks after the deadline (which was Nov 1). I might be wrong though.


people in the c/o 2026 were saying that the withdraw button disappearing means that ur decision has been made, they’re just waiting to release. idk how factual that is though, has anyone called the admissions office?


has anyone called the admissions office to see if decisions will be out this week?

they said that they can’t say anything and to just look out for an email