Vanderbilt University Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

yeah, I think everyone who applied has access to it. My bad for the false alarm!

Fo sho it doesn’t mean anything. I can get into the portal when I just submitted my app 3 days ago lol

well this isn’t just for the portal but if you look at the link its for admitted students. So i was a bit unsure but i think you are right everyone who has access to a portal should have access to it.

There will be more people testing to see if they can access the link, and let’s wait to see if everyone can access it or not. Because I remember that a few days ago I couldn’t access this same link. But it is still highly probable that it doesn’t mean anything. They may have just opened it up to everyone recently.

yeah i was thinking the same thing. I couldn’t access the link yesterday.

i was looking at my vandy portal and noticed that my midyear academic report update was missing. is anyone else experiencing this? it probably doesn’t mean anything tho ngl

it is not even required. Don’t worry about it.

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yeah true, ig i’m just on edge rn waiting for the next wave

People can you check to see if you access the link please?

This is what I see when I click on the link. I’m a parent.

ok, it looks like everyone can access it then. I don’t think it’s an indicator of admission.

yes I have this too.

mine just disappeared as well. do you think this means we’re getting our decisions soon?

i sure hope so but it’s better not to get our hopes up

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when did it disappear? mine’s still there on the “upload materials” section

i just checked and it wasn’t there so i’m assuming it disappeared today

i looked thru this thread to see if the glitch had any meaning but I don’t think it does. two people had it previously and one of them got rejected and the other one got accepted. so I don’t think the glitch is indicative of anything. it’s probably more beneficial for us to just wait to hear something back from vandy than figuring out what the glitch means haha

ooh i see. i hope we get our decisions soon though :slight_smile:

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Considering the reply date for those from the first wave is May 6th, I think it makes the most sense that we probably won’t hear back until next week.

I agree. Not sure why you have to reply so quickly though. Most of the other colleges I was accepted gave me more than a month to decide