Very important information: everyone should take a look

<p>You're welcome 2012UCSB :-) glad you guys are finding this useful. And I really do! But I always have a plan B. </p>

<p>Hope you get into UCSB :-)! Best of luck.</p>

<p>when do you guys think UCSD and UCD will start rolling out decisions? beginning or end of march?</p>

<p>If it is like last year then decisions will probably start coming out mid march, with a few batches coming out until the end of April.</p>

<p>I remember UCSD tag students found out early. Like march 18 ish. But most people that didn't tag found out on April 30.</p>

<p>It'll probably be different this year due to the low amount of tag apps</p>

<p>April 30?! -__-</p>

<p>Yeah! Every UC is different though.</p>

<p>Berkeley and LA both said end of April :/</p>

<p>good old santa cruz has already released the date and time of when their decisions are coming out. y you no like them ucsd?!</p>

<p>I swear. UCSD is unpredictable. But they said mid march to end of April</p>

<p>thank gawd we applied this year huh? ^^</p>

<p>"But then again the average GPA is a 3.33...'much higher than last years 3.29"</p>

<p>You can always tell who the non-science majors are lol. That's only a 1.2% difference. </p>

<p>But the drop in transfer applicants is great news, all across all the UC's. </p>

<p>Being a minority, I liked reading that all campus' increased minority apps by a significant percentage as well. </p>

<p>Good luck to everyone!</p>

<p>Where are you seeing the stats for 2012?</p>

<p>What people have to realize is there's a difference between average APPLIED gpa and average ADMITTED gpa. While the average APPLIED gpa for UCSD may have been 3.33, the average ADMITTED gpa is usually much higher. For example, at UCLA their 2011 transfer statistics show they had an average APPLIED gpa of 3.38 for the College of Letters & Sciences, but their average ADMITTED gpa was 3.70. I know in 2010 UCSD had an average ADMITTED gpa of 3.55 and I'm not sure what it was last year, but I think because of TAG it was lowered slightly around a 3.4. Regardless, it's not necessarily a positive thing to be right around the average APPLIED gpa. As a competitive applicant, you don't want to be right in the center of the applicant pool. To be competitive should aim to be at around the average ADMITTED gpa and the higher you are above that the more competitive you become.</p>

<p>Lookin4ward: Calm yourself. I was only pointing out that last years average admitted GPA was less than this years.</p>

<p>You mean average applied GPA. The applied and admitted GPA are completely different for a university, as mentioned in my post above.</p>

<p>Average applied* my bad.</p>

<p>this is off topic~ i remember on the uc application that you had to put your preferred college for ucsd. I had no idea what the differences in the colleges were so I just picked them at random. is this going to affect my application? what did you guys do?</p>

<p>No, it won't affect your admission. You get into ucsd then you are placed in a college. It doesn't really matter that much for transfers as if you get into any of the colleges except Roosevelt and Revelle, IGETC covers your general Ed and you just focus on your major upper divs. You can be any major in any college.</p>

<p>cool thanks(:</p>