Villanova Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Not yet.


Nope. Nothing yet. Will there be a tab added? Anyone know?

Yes a tab in yellow and it will say statuses update :slight_smile:

Got in

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what were your stats I got rejected :…(

I am sorry to hear that. ACT:35. W: 4.74. UW: 3.93.

D was deferred. Presumed it would be a rejection so that’s not terrible lol

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Son Deferred for Business. Not totally unexpected.

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Deferred A&S

3.9 or 4 w (dont remember exactly)
test optional
liberal arts
lacrosse co captain, club lacrosse, student government + , non-profit founder, lions club president

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Daughter deferred from business school, also not unexpected.

Daughter accepted!!! She’s on a cloud.


Son was denied - onto SMU :blush:! 3.9 GPA TO

denied- expected but still disappointed

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Deferred EA. 5.4 W GPA 3.8 UW Ranked 5th in class
1310 SAT Major Biology

Son accepted to CLAS! ACT: 35 (one take so no super scoring); 4.0 unweighted, 4.3 weighted.

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deferred. oh well

Deferred EA for Econ. 1330 SAT 4.568 W 4.0 UW. IB Diploma. Varsity Mock Trial Captain. Class rank: 6th. Letter of red from Congressman.

deferred EA creative writing. 1450 SAT 4.75 weighted. varsity vball captain, class officer, honor societies, volunteering.

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Denied from the business school