Wait lists and scholarships

<p>NotMamaRose - Your post is absolutely right on. I hope future parents and students read this thread and many of the posts this year. Webster's website isn't the best (in my opinion) and I could barely find what we needed. We ended up doing unifieds and it never occurred to me to ask, I did ask how many offers and their expected yield. I never thought this would be one of my D's top pick schools either, man was I wrong! I also made the assumption (because trust me I asked everywhere else) that they would have talent awards. Lesson learned "Expect the unexpected"! AND get all your questions together and ask. We certainly could have called the school so I can't really blame the website.</p>

<p>MTDad777, one thing we parents should not do is beat ourselves up for not always knowing what we need to ask ahead of time! :) Having a child apply/audition for a number of BFA programs is a pretty darned complicated process/task; my friends whose kids have only to send in paperwork (well, is it paperwork if it is all electronic? :)) to apply to college are flabbergasted by everything that our D has had to do just to get into a college program! What's more, I would posit that many (most?) guidance counselors at the average high school (not arts high schools, I mean) really don't have much experience in guiding kids and their families through BFA admissions, and thus cannot be as helpful as one would hope throughout the process. All told, it's just a big undertaking with lots of considerations. If you think about it that way, we ought to congratulate ourselves and each other (group hug here!) on how well we all seem to have navigated the system. (As an aside, MTDad777, maybe a polite email or phone call to Webster suggesting that they might improve their web site would not be a bad idea.)</p>

<p>I deal with folks who all work in higher education - they are career counselors. Believe me, it is not only your friends who are shocked at the amount of work and low admit rates for schools. Even others who work on college campuses are unaware.....</p>

<p>We all deserve a pat on the back! :)</p>