Want to transfer, but unsure

So, my main goal is to be a professor of either French or Spanish. I am much more passionate about French than Arabic, so I want to drop Arabic altogether. It’s just not where my heart is and I’ve had far more experiences with French and Spanish. The passion shines through in these languages and I study them because I like them; Arabic I feel like I have to force myself to study and at a recent Arabic language event, I felt miserable.

While connections is an important, I am sure I will find many at college 2 as well over the next few years. As I speak with my family about this, we are concerned if college 1 will be able to find leadership roles for the ones I am filling currently and whether or not I’ll be able to find a job on campus my spring semester.

It would be safer to stay at university 1 and study Arabic and Spanish, I just am not sure I’ll be fully satisfied with Arabic when I know the passion lies in French and a potential bachelor and master’s degree is just down the road at university 2.

I have reread your initial post in this thread. It seems that you have given a lot of mature consideration to your situation. If transferring will help you to accomplish your goals–which you cannot do at your current university–then you should transfer so long as the new school is affordable.


I’ve reached out to my mentor for her insight. I may do this in Fall 2022, as this will make it less stressful to move out of current dormitory, find work, see what financial aid would look like, and let the idea of transferring settle in.

I may stay on the same path next semester (Arabic, Spanish, TESL) in case the French does not work out at university 2 in Fall 2022 and I need to continue the path that I have created for myself already. If I do end up staying on the path, it won’t be terrible at all and I will most likely realize that French will remain a passion and Arabic/Spanish will be the language combination I work in.


Why is keeping Arabic essential, if you prefer Spanish? Is that for employability?

100% do NOT change anything until you know the full financial implications, including any contractual obligations to your current uni!!


Yes, I want to get dual certification to teach two languages for purposes of variety and opportunities. I’ll keep Arabic for the time being.

I will go ahead and apply to university 2 for Fall 2022 and see what is offered in terms of money. If this is solid, I will look at work opportunities on the campus. For the time being, I’ll stay where I’m at and continue to consider. I think the mentor will provide some good insight.