Want to withdraw from college but parents won't let me

Also, I’m a bit baffled about the reasoning behind the med refusal. Will you readdress the issue next week? I’m not very knowledgeable in this area so I won’t speculate.

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I’m so glad you’ve reached out and advocated for yourself. That is definitely a huge step and I’m glad things seem to be coming together for you a bit. I hope that your parents will see the mature and rational decisions you are making and steps you are taking to get support. This will get better. It probably doesn’t feel like it now though and I am sorry you’re hurting.
As a split off this conversation, since many have asked… Most prescribing physicians can offer therapeutic help for depression. Just a GP or a pediatrician. You do not have to see a psychiatrist. While psychiatric evaluation is a huge component in the grand scale of a mental health plan, if anyone is suffering please don’t wait!


Glad you got the ball rolling. Even though your parents don’t understand it (yet), realize that depression is equally as much of a physical issue as having cardiac or other problems are. In the old days people thought it was nothing because they couldn’t “see” anything. Now we have imaging and blood tests and know it’s real, but not everyone stays current with biological/medical news.

It’s not “you” any more than any other health issue is. You’re doing the right thing. Life gets better when medical issues are cleared up even if it takes a few tries to get it right for your body.

In the meantime, can you find a friend and head out for a walk or jog? The biggest effort is getting started, but those things often help too.

Another proven option that can help is comedy. You can try Dry Bar on YouTube.

These aren’t “instead of” professional help. They’re something you can do now to try to give your mind something positive (similar to a healthy diet).