WashU Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

I can confirm that it is being released today

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Yeah that’s gone in my portal too.

Same here

how can you confirm?

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whats ur confirmation

The college counselor at my student’s school shared the letter from them that they received this morning.

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I called the admissions office and it’s apparently coming tonight


College Kickstart blog says it’ll release at 5 CST

For what it’s worth, when my daughter found it last year it was just before 5pm Central…

Wow - so soon! This is exciting. Good luck today everyone! Check out the countdown to 5 pm on the ED Central page. I’m assuming it’ll be around then. If you’re sharing a results video or announcement on social media, feel free to tag CC and #WashU26 so we can celebrate you!

We’re routing for you all!

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Rooting for everyone too!!!


rooting for you!


it is out

Accepted !!!


Others of the Class of 2026 congratttstststst!!!

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at the bottom does it say schedule a meeting in your portal ??

just curious for my friend who isn’t home yet

like schedule a meeting next to your admissions counselor? in the portal

Legacy, from a VERY competitive high school, strong GPA, son got rejected. Completely devastated.