Wellesley Transfer Fall 2019

@IndirectProofs May 2nd. I’ve just checked my portal.

Oh wow! that is crazy! I’m scared to death!

“The evening” isn’t very specific!

I checked my financial aid on April 26, and there was no additional requirement. Today, when I randomly logged in, I found out I have 4 more documents required. Does anyone have the same problem as me??

May 2nd evening release date… Thursday!! submitted my app on 2/27 as well

@daydream19 question: what type of financial forms is it asking you to complete on your portal? Asking because I have forms on my fin aid portal but they’re marked as received. Ooo maybe this is a sign you’ve been accepted lol???

@Fawziyah my parents information and their W2. I called this afternoon to ask and the lady said they need that information to verify my CSS information. Fyi, i applied to the Davis scholar.
She told me this will not effect the decision. I hope that is a good sign.

Financial aid checklist has disappeared for me. Anyone else have this same problem?

Oooo thanks for clarifying- I truly hope it’s a good sign for you as well!!!

Uhm my fin aid checklist is no longer available as well…
I know we shouldn’t read into these things because it will stress us more but (and I’m going into a bit of a rant here) I genuinely felt it in my gut that Wellesley would be a great fit for me- until this week when I realized all of the incredible women applicants that probably think the same so now I genuinely don’t think I have a chance anymore lmao. I promise I’m not trying to be pessimistic, just thinking out loud!

My checklist is still here!

My fin aid checklist is definitely gone, just checked again. Now I’m stressed too ? wellesley has always been the College I wanted to go to and I always felt it would be a good fit for me. But I also agree that everyone who is applying is probably very qualified and has the same passion and strong application, one more day to go…!

my financial aid checklist also disappeared, but i wouldn’t look too much into it. based on what i saw on older CC threads, pretty much every wellesley applicant had their checklist disappear at some point (regardless of whether they were accepted or not). best of luck to everyone :slight_smile:

Wait how do you check financial aid checklist? I only have my Application checklist.

Yep, that is probably because it disappeared

I’m scared of tomorrow

@IndirectProofs Sameee. I feel like I always see you on all the forums I’m subscribed to lol

Yeah I went wild with applying lol

Did you get in anywhere yet? So far, it’s 2 rejects for meee

1 waitlist 1 reject so far