Wesleyan Admissions Regular Decision Fall 2022

Do we know the date in which they released their decisions for the 2025 class?

Feb 13th which was a Saturday at 3 pm.

Was that ED2 or RD?

oh i am so sorry this is the wrong thread! that was the ED2 date!

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Do you happen to know RD date? Maybe a friend there has the admission letter handy?

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My daughter got her RD acceptance to Wesleyan last year on 3/27/21.


Is there any stats on the Wes applicant pool this year yet?

Hi - did everyone receive the “find your way at Wes” email a week ago ending with “You are ready. You are on your way. And we are just as excited as you are to see who you become.”



Yes I did as well, I don’t think it’s a sign

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The most current CDS is out.


The difference between Male and Female Acceptances is pretty big. (22% and 17%)

Seems similar to Vassar, Conn, Skidmore, etc.

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Is #colleges-and-universities:wesleyan-university Regular decision date this weekend? Lots of other LAC appear to be on Friday and Saturday

It may not represent a coincidence that the three schools you chose for comparison are all former women’s colleges, however.

If you go back a half century, sure. What may be more relevant is that they all have strong theater and/or dance departments.

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They seem to release on Saturdays so my guess would be this weekend or next!


Emory, Hamilton, Oberlin …

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My educated guess would be that it has more to do with their not having strong engineering programs; see in contrast Swarthmore which has engineering, RPI, Lehigh…

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Based on IPEDS data for the most recent year available, the acceptance rate for male and female applicants to Emory (20%, 19%) and Hamilton (19%, 18%) differed by only 1 percentage point, however.