Wesleyan Admissions Regular Decision Fall 2022

My D22 has decided to add Wesleyan to her list but we’ve found that there are no available interview spots left. Does anyone know if there’s a waitlist or how much we should worry about this?

Your son can sign up for an alumni interview here.


Last year, my son ended up changing his application from regular decision to ED2 after his Wesleyan alumni interview. The alumni talked about his experiences as a math/physics major, the physics research he was involved in and the fun he had on campus.

My son is a freshman at Wesleyan now and is loving his time there both academically and socially. He was able to skip to the 200 level math and physics courses thanks to his AP scores and he joined the rugby club team which gave him an instant group of friends.


Sorry. Your daughter, not your son, can request an alumni interview.

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Thank you so much! I too wonder if Wesleyan might become an ED2 choice for my daughter. It ticks so many boxes for her – great political science/social sciences program, great student newspaper and theater opportunities, open curriculum, great size.


Does anyone know whether Wesleyan is doing interviews (alumni or otherwise) and how important they are in Wesleyan’s consideration of an applicant?

Last I checked there were no more interviews left for this admission cycle.


Do any of you know any stats for the class of 2026 yet?

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Do we know the date in which they released their decisions for the 2025 class?

Feb 13th which was a Saturday at 3 pm.

Was that ED2 or RD?

oh i am so sorry this is the wrong thread! that was the ED2 date!

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Do you happen to know RD date? Maybe a friend there has the admission letter handy?

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My daughter got her RD acceptance to Wesleyan last year on 3/27/21.


Is there any stats on the Wes applicant pool this year yet?

Hi - did everyone receive the “find your way at Wes” email a week ago ending with “You are ready. You are on your way. And we are just as excited as you are to see who you become.”



Yes I did as well, I don’t think it’s a sign

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The most current CDS is out.


The difference between Male and Female Acceptances is pretty big. (22% and 17%)