Wesleyan ED Fall Admission 2022 Discussion

Do you mean a spring scholar, admitted to start in January, or deferred decision until RD group? This is all so confusing to me… (this is our first rodeo)… our DD was deferred to ED2… still unclear, so I think she is barred from applying ED2 anywhere else and still wont find out until February…

“Total disbelief”


I thought the ED1 contract you sign is limited to ED1 decisions and it specifically mentions that if you are not accepted it is no longer binding.

I would be very surprised if it limits you from applying ED2 at other places if you want.

Yes, says deferred to ED2. So strange.

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that would make sense. I guess they would argue that if she doesn’t want to be bound she could switch it to RD, but I don’t think that would look like she is still interested.

You should still call and confirm with them. I have never seen “Deferred to ED2” before


I got deferred to ED2 when I applied and I got in! Good luck! I know it sucks but it may mean not all your financial aid information is in (as it was in my case) or they just want to keep looking at you!

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Yes, just read it more closely… she is pushed into ED2, unless she tells them she wants RD, otherwise, it’s binding for ED2. Oh well… so we wait.

As am I. This is consistent with what we were hearing from our Wes coach when telling us he was seeing serious attrition in his recruiting classes.

When my D applied ED with full coach support, I thought it was basically a done deal. I guess now I know it wasn’t.

Your D has the stats, was recruited and is from outside of New England. I share your surprise (and disappointment) given that she profiles like the kind of kid Wes wants.

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Deferred to spring, so not binding. Has your S spoken to the coach?

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Just as shocked, or more so, that your S didn’t get in. I know Wes and elite LACs in general value IB a lot. Most universities do, but from first hand experience talking with admissions people at Wesleyan I know that it buys a lot in the process to have seen the full diploma process through to its end.

I assume this is partly the result of the over-sized class they admitted last fall.

I hope your kids get in during the next round. Those are very elite stats and accomplishments in their own right, and then you add coaching support.

Sorry to hear. These stats and accomplishments I’m reading today are impressive, and while I know Wes admissions is really competitive, I’m surprised nobody made it ED. When you add being slotted it’s downright unbelievable.

Hope they all make it in during the next round.

If it were me, I’d call the coach and ask for an interpretation.

I would take that is very good sign as they still think highly of candidate.
Stay positive especially given what @Chloe_French ahared.

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i just got in! i hope all goes well for everyone in ED2 and RD


Me too! Congrats!!!


Check with the coach to see that your daughter really got full support. There are nightmare stories on here where coaches look at someone like your daughter, think she will get in on her own, and give the slot to a lower student despite telling you otherwise. And if that is what happened, be certain spread the word wide and far as to the sport and coach, as it is highly unprofessional to do that.


My D just found out she was accepted ED. Stats: SAT: 1500 (740, 760). GPA 4.51, Rank: 3. WNts Theatre and Comp Sci. Good luck to you. Crossing fingers


My D just got accepted! Yay!

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Best to you. Go get em!

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That’s awesome. My D as well… Maya from NNJ. Yay!

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