What about state schools?

<p>Ohio State is a good school (and would be a good match) but DD1 (and DD2 now searching) wanted small schools. We've been fortunate that their scores (GPA/SATs, etc) are high enough to allow us to get some scholarship money to help pay for school.</p>

<p>Just wanted to add William and Mary to Virginia's list...somehow folks tend to forget about it, but, by several measures, it's as or more selective than UVA, and a wonderful school. It appeals to many of the highest quality students who find it a better fit than UVA...and vice versa.</p>

<p>UWash, our state flagship is certainly "good enough" for our daughter and the cost is reasonable even if you live on campus. However, they give almost nothing in the way of merit scholarships so D will be going out of state to another state's flagship where she can get a fat scholarship. We're looking at full tuition plus varying amounts of additional $$ at 3 other state universities. Which will be less out of pocket even including travel expenses.</p>