What are my chances of getting into Lawrenceville?

@gardenstategal which schools do you think I have a chance in getting into? Which ones do u think I’m likely to get accepted?

@gardenstategal and also, what do u mean by institutional priorities?

Institutional priorities include things like kids for sports teams (top recruits), legacy kids, especially from big donor families, racial diversity, etc. You aren’t these. But if they want more international students from countries that aren’t well represented, you could be that.

It varies from school to school year by year. So nobody can say. On paper, there’s no reason to not accept you. But the school needs to choose you to fill out its class the way they want, and none of us can weigh in on that. We also didn’t see your interview or read your essays.

I don’t want to opine on various schools. But I think you will have options.

@Stargirl22 I think you will definitely have options on M9, however, I would say that being involved in 4 different sports will come off as a concern to AOs as it is literally impossible to be heavily involved in all 4 sports. This will eventually lead to the question of what your true interests are in athletics. Coming from Kazakhstan will definitely help, however, since it seems like you go to a British school you will likely be placed in the British pool of applicants which, in my experience, tends to be a much larger pool than other sections of the international pool. In regards to Lawrenceville specifically, I agree with @gardenstategal in that their typical admissions decisions vastly differ from other boarding schools. For example, it is not uncommon to see M9 decisions where students will get accepted to several schools such as ex: Andover, Exeter, Milton, Choate, etc., but could be flat out rejected from Lawrenceville or, on the other hand, students may get rejected at schools like Kent and Loomis and accepted to L’ville. This shows many of us that they typically have different admissions criteria than most NE boarding schools. (This is just in my experience learning about family, friends, and counselors experience with Lawrenceville and other prep schools.) Ultimately, any school with an acceptance rate in the 10-20 percent range is highly selective and it is really impossible for us to tell you which schools you will be accepted to. However, based on the information you have provided, I would say you have very good chances. I hope this helps, and make sure to comment back on M9 with your results. Good Luck!

@CC4life thank you so much, it was really helpful. In my lville interview, he was teally impressed with how many sports I do, is this a good sign? Also, do u think I’ll get accepted to Peddie or deerfield?

@Stargirl222 Oh if he was impressed then that is a good sign, but again don’t read to much into interviews I made that mistake last year and thought I would have several options and got waitlisted at literally every school I applied to. I think Peddie is a school that you will definitely have a strong chance at just based off their acceptance rate and large percentage of day students which means they will constantly be looking for geographic diversity (particularly international diversity). Do you have dual citizenship by any chance because that will greatly improve your chances? Deerfield is again, a much more selective school, but I still think you have the criteria that could get you accepted, again it COULD, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it WILL.

On another note, I saw that you are applying to Milton and came across this interview with an AO (actually the same one that interviewed me) and I found it incredibly helpful for both Admissions at Milton, but also at selective boarding schools in general, here is the link:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zz5C6p7S8rY (Part 1 of 2)

Were you by any chance in touch with the coaches or music teachers at any of the schools? and if you were, did you send them a “demo reel” for piano or for sports?

@CC4life thank you sooooo much! What does AO mean?

I was in contact with a basketball coach from NMH, but that’s my safety school (I think). Otherwise, I haven’t been in touch with anyone else, but I did send a link to every school of me playing the piano, playing soccer, basketball, tennis and acrobatics (i usef to do it) @CC4life

@CC4life will it help if I ask the schools to send me the contacts of the coaches?

@Stargirl222 AO is admissions officer or admissions office. Oh and sending links will definitely help, and as the video states, most schools pass those links on to the music instructors or sports coaches who will evaluate them and then offer a list of their top suggestions for acceptance. If they put you on that list, your chances will greatly increase, but of course, we will never know who is actually on each list.

@Stargirl222 asking for their contact information could help, but at this point most schools, if not all have already finalized decisions or are in the process of finalizing them. Ultimately, as long as you have sent them a link with your skills and abilities that is pretty much everything they need to make a decision on your athletic and musical ability.

Do u think i have more chances of getting into lville or PA? @CC4life

@Stargirl222 I would definitely say your chances are lower at PA just because PA tends to get the largest number of applicants and therefore they will have stronger geographic diversity and stronger athletic recruiting options, but again, you never know.

Does anyone have any more opinions?

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Nobody here can say that you have a chance for a particular school, since none of us are AOs reading all the applications and viewing you in comparison with everyone else. You’re certainly qualified for many of these schools, but the reality is that is is more difficult to get accepted as an international applicant. What does help (for some schools) is that you don’t need FA.

If you plan to continue the sport, most schools have a contact link/interest form for the coaches on their website.

Read nothing into this;he’s making polite conversation.

NMH is not a safety for 99% of applicants.

Good luck.

In general, smaller schools prefer kids who play multiple sports and are involved in multiple activities because they need to field just as many sports, clubs, etc with a fraction of the students.

Larger schools like specialists who have excelled in a specific sport or endeavor because it means that particular team or club will do well.

This is a gross generalization, of course…

@CaliMex which are, in your opinion, the smaller schools out of my list?

Nobody here can really tell you your chances of admission. They can speculate that your stats are within range or tell you which schools might be reaches based on your stats, but I think you already know those things. You have 3 weeks until decision day. I think that all you can really do at this point is hope for the best.

Size of school is not a matter of opinion :wink: You can look up the # of students at each school at boardingschoolreview.com … You did not apply to any of the smaller, well-known boarding schools (Thacher, Groton, St. Andrew’s School in Delaware, Cate, etc)

I think you’re a strong applicant and you’ll probably get choices on M9/10. Good luck!!!