What are my chances of getting into Lawrenceville?

@Stargirl222 asking for their contact information could help, but at this point most schools, if not all have already finalized decisions or are in the process of finalizing them. Ultimately, as long as you have sent them a link with your skills and abilities that is pretty much everything they need to make a decision on your athletic and musical ability.

Do u think i have more chances of getting into lville or PA? @CC4life

@Stargirl222 I would definitely say your chances are lower at PA just because PA tends to get the largest number of applicants and therefore they will have stronger geographic diversity and stronger athletic recruiting options, but again, you never know.

Does anyone have any more opinions?

Yes. Give people time to respond

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Nobody here can say that you have a chance for a particular school, since none of us are AOs reading all the applications and viewing you in comparison with everyone else. You’re certainly qualified for many of these schools, but the reality is that is is more difficult to get accepted as an international applicant. What does help (for some schools) is that you don’t need FA.

If you plan to continue the sport, most schools have a contact link/interest form for the coaches on their website.

Read nothing into this;he’s making polite conversation.

NMH is not a safety for 99% of applicants.

Good luck.

In general, smaller schools prefer kids who play multiple sports and are involved in multiple activities because they need to field just as many sports, clubs, etc with a fraction of the students.

Larger schools like specialists who have excelled in a specific sport or endeavor because it means that particular team or club will do well.

This is a gross generalization, of course…

@CaliMex which are, in your opinion, the smaller schools out of my list?

Nobody here can really tell you your chances of admission. They can speculate that your stats are within range or tell you which schools might be reaches based on your stats, but I think you already know those things. You have 3 weeks until decision day. I think that all you can really do at this point is hope for the best.

Size of school is not a matter of opinion :wink: You can look up the # of students at each school at boardingschoolreview.com … You did not apply to any of the smaller, well-known boarding schools (Thacher, Groton, St. Andrew’s School in Delaware, Cate, etc)

I think you’re a strong applicant and you’ll probably get choices on M9/10. Good luck!!!

@CaliMex @ilovechoateeeee which 3, in your opinion, am I most likely to get into?

For the smaller sized boarding schools?

I would say Groton is the hardest just because it has 8th grade. However, each school has a distinct culture, and that might not fit everyone.

Why are you sooooo obsessed with this? As @austinmshauri correctly points out, you will find out for real in 3 weeks. Nobody here has inside info to discern which schools are more likely, particular a 9th grader (although a knowledgeable and mature one from what I’ve seen) in the same boat as you. Ask the Magic 8 Ball - the degree of accuracy is probably similar. :slight_smile: Patience is a virtue my friend.

@ilovechoateeeee The OP didn’t apply to Groton, though for the record, Groton and Thacher are tied for selectivity with acceptance rates of 11-12 percent.

@ilovechoateeeee Yes I’m aware, I thought she was asking me to chance her for the smaller boarding schools that she didn’t apply to

@Stargirl222. Good luck to you wherever you decide to go. You seem to have alot going for yourself, so remember your greatness no matter what! YOU are the prize and they are lucky to be getting you .

Hey! I noticed I haven’t posted my decisions here so here they are:
Accepted to; l’ville, deerfield, cranbrook, peddie, taft, loomis, NMH waitlisted: Milton and andover
I will be attending L’ville

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wonderful results - congrats