What are some good Cyber security undergrad Programs?

I know of Syracuse and Naval Academy, which both have good Cyber programs. Yes, I am aware of computer science but different admissions reps from different universities told me that a degree in Comp Sci, and a degree in Cyber Security are different. Its weird because Cyber Security undergrad programs are hard to find,and most schools only have computer science.

Try George Mason University in VA. It is a top 10 school for cybersecurity.
By the way, what is your GPA and your SAT/ACT? This will help me predict whether you will get in or not.

Northeastern University

I would say it’s more of a square rectangle situation. Cybersecurity is a subset of CS for the most part. They aren’t two incredibly distinct degrees. You should be sure to include schools with concentrations in cybersecurity for their CS degrees.

Northeastern and University of Maryland are both two schools under that category who have lots of connections to the government agencies and contractors who hire a good deal of cybersecurity workers.

Why is Syracuse on your list? They only have a masters program for it, and I’m not aware of any reputation they have for either CS or cybersecurity. They also don’t even offer the cybersecurity concentration or some sort of undergraduate program that links to it as far as I found.

Stevens in NJ is supposed to have a good undergrad cyber security major.

At Drexel they have :
Computing and Security Technology

Sometimes the major is located as a sub-set within the CS department, but can also be a sub-set within a schools’ Criminal Justice majors.
In addition to those mentioned above, here are two more programs:
U Texas - San Antonio: http://business.utsa.edu/it/index.aspx
George Washington - https://cps.gwu.edu/cybersecurity-bachelors

@Kodak - Check out the following link at UMDCP


Virginia Tech. http://www.cyber.vt.edu. What is your home state?

I live in VA. but VT is too big for me. Im also a little weak in math.

Thank you. You have helped a lot. Ill apply to Northeastern though. I have a 3.3 GPA, and a 20 ACT. Im studying to atleast hit a 24-25, Im also a game dev, releasing a game this summer, im a competitive swimmer, I swim at states last year, and Im participating in a Scientific research program thats paying me to do research their this summer. Hopefully my extra-curriculars will help me too.

With those stats, you’re going to have very little chance at many of the universities in this thread, unfortunately. You could apply to a few just to chance it, but you should focus on schools where you would be in the middle 50% of their accepted students.


Cybersec is typically not an undergrad major, but a concentration or classes taken within CS (you need a foundation in CS anyway).

RPI also has a cybersec student club that regularly places among the top teams at Cybersec competitions like CSAW. https://rpis.ec/about

With your current 3.3 and 20 ACT, agree that some of the schools mentioned would really be reaches. Since you are in Virginia, you could look into the programs at many of the community colleges. Complete a degree there and then transfer to a place like GMU or Virginia Tech if you want to go on to a bachelor’s degree. ODU has a program and you may be able to get in there with your stats.

You really should ask about budget with your parents, if you haven’t already done so, before focusing on OOS or private schools that may be above what your family wants to or can pay.

Some possibilities :
Richard Bland or another community college -> Virginia Tech,

A regular CS major with cybersecurity concentration or minor (Longwood has that and you’d have a shot)
Radford has Information Security (look into it, it matches)
Private universities that match your budget

Northeastern is out if reach, they want 30+ on the act (lots of 32’s for CS)

Within Virginia, you would probably have the best shot at admission at Longwood, Radford, or ODU, if you don’t want to go the community college route.