What do you do for weekend at Austin? Share!

<p>I'm glad Trudy's is still around! I used to go there a lot in the early 80s. Hadn't heard of Maudies, though.</p>

<p>is tortilla the thin crispy dough stuff?</p>

<p>Chuy's is alright, but by no means is it the best in Austin. Its especially painful when you have to wait 45 minutes for a table in a crappy waiting area.</p>

<p>Trudy's has always been one of my favorites. Definately not for the Mexican food though. I always liked going there to have a Mexican Martini or two (thats the house limit). I also like to go there for a Mexican brunch. They have one of the best bloody mary's in town and can cook up a mean plate of migas.</p>

<p>Matt's Famous El Rancho is pretty decent. I like their chicken fried steak smothered in enchilada chili. Sounds kind of disgusting, but is very very tasty!</p>

<p>If you have a date, the best Mexican place is Vivo on Manor Rd just east of campus off of 35. The margaritas there are potent. The salsa is rich and spicy. The food is good. But the atmosphere is really what makes it though. Low informal candle light everywhere. Cool oil paintings on the walls. At the end of the meal they always bring your girlfriend a white or yellow rose. Price is very reasonable too. They even have valet parking if you want.</p>

<p>For classic Tex-Mex run by Mexicans, I always like going to Nuevo Leon. Used to be on 7th street, but now on E. 6th. The margaritas there are dangerous. The food is typical Mexican diner food. Atmosphere is good too if you're in the mood for a mariachi experience.</p>

<p>For breakfast tacos, nobody should miss Juan in a Millions on the Eastside down Ceasar Chavez. I always go for the Don Juan taco. That and a giant glass of ice tea always hit the spot.</p>

<p>I'm sure I could rattle off a half dozen other joints, but those are the first to cross my mind.</p>


<p>There are two types of tortillas. Flour and corn. </p>

<p>Flour is usually more doughy. The best kind are served thick and hot with a lot of flour still all over them, preferably with melted butter all over them.</p>

<p>Corn is usually thinner and used to make chips or hard shelled tacos when deep fried. Some Mexican restaurants offer corn tortillas with a meal or to roll up soft tacos. Especially a lot of Westcoast and interior Mexican style restaurants. I personally like piping hot flour tortillas.</p>

<p>now you make me drool o...O</p>


<p>You are international? Where are you coming to Texas from?</p>

<p>Trudy's and Maudie's are both Tex-Mex - Trudy's is good, can't stand Maudie's (they use Velveeta, yuck). For interior Mexican I like Polvo's on South First, and La Reyna just up the street is as close to Baja Mexican food as I have found in town, but it's still not the same. Sigh.... I have, however, fallen in love with breakfast tacos - Tacho Shack and Torchy's are my faves.</p>

<p>If you have thick skin a good sense of humor, you should try Esther's Follies on 6th Street. OMG. I don't know that I've ever laughed so hard in public.</p>

<p>@Bk69~: I'm coming from Indonesia. Man that's quite far XD... no mexican food here</p>

<p>@buriedalie: Thanks, I'll find a time =)</p>

<p>Wow, I can't wait to get back to Austin next month!</p>


<p>I currently live in Thailand and we have TONS of Mexican food here. Its kind of funny, but a Texan can't live without Mexican food for long.</p>

<p>@BK: Wait wait wait... Thailand? Don't tell me you're at Bangkok...</p>

<p>Mexican is different from Tex-Mex. Tex-Mex is more Americanized--it's Mexican styles of food, but with American ingredients (in particular, more beef and cheese). In Texas, many/most people call Tex-Mex "Mexican food." In fact, if a Texan mentions Mexican food, he's far more likely to be talking about Tex-Mex than interior Mexican.</p>

<p>I don't really do traditional Mexican food. I will say for Tex-Mex, the best options near campus are Trudy's or El Mercado. Further south are some good options as well. Matt's El Rancho on South Lamar is excellent, and a little hidden place called Curra's on Oltorf just off South Congress is superb, especially for breakfast, and is never crowded.</p>

<p>As for what to do on the weekends, football/tailgate, party in West Campus, go downtown, pitch-and-putt golf, go out on Lake Travis, go up to Mount Bonnell, lawn games, maybe study on Sunday.</p>


<p>I'm actually living in Phuket and Samui for the rest of the summer if I can swing it that way.</p>

<p>I never really got into Mexican food. I grew up in England, where Mexican food is non-existent! :/
Anyway, weekends in Austin offer so many possibilities. There are events both on and off campus.
Music is a big part of the city, so you should check out the shows. Many are very inexpensive (less then $10).
Eating was a big part of my year. Check out local restaurants (not just those on the drag!). Yelp really helps when choosing a restaurant.
Read the Chronicle. There are pages devoted to upcoming events around the city!</p>

<p>Use this website for all your restaurant needs.... </p>

<p>Austin</a> Restaurants</p>

<p>I have used yelp recommendations countless times for multiple cities and they have never led me wrong, these ppl are serious foodies and they know their stuff. Especially the austinites for mexican and bbq</p>

<p>Mainelonghorn..you mentioned the 80's.. lol..do you remember Jorge's on 6th street? That was the best tex mex ever!! My family also loves Hut's Hamburger's on 6th street..and Austin icon!</p>

<p>Oh, yeah, I forgot about Jorge's! Ymm. </p>

<p>I'd better not eat for the next three weeks so I have room for all that great food.</p>

<p>Best Burgers in Austin:</p>

<p>1) Casino El Camino on 6th Street (also gets number one for wait time and attitude problems but it is by far the best burger I've ever had).</p>

<p>2) Counter Cafe on Lamar (across from REI and its only open for lunch. I think even Texas Monthly gave it a number 1 or 2 rating in all of Texas. All I know is it's pretty darn good).</p>

<p>3) Stephen F. Austin Hotel's Roaring Fork on Congress. Its called the Big Ass Burger. (go during happy hour and its only like 7 dollars, but it is HUGE and delicious).</p>

<p>4) Hills Cafe way down South Congress past 71. This is an awesome burger with a Kolache bun (also a similarly tasty burger is cooked by the Tavern on 12th and Lamar because its owned by the same folks as Hill's).</p>

<p>5) Top Notch Burgers on Burnet (this is one of old school Austin's legendary burgers and it was featured in the movie "Dazed and Confused." Its usually packed at lunch but its worth the wait for this greasy goodness).</p>

<p>6) Mike's Pub on 7th street (next door to Stephen F. Austin Hotel. Great burgers)</p>

<p>I'm kind think Dan's, Burger Tex and Hut's are slightly over rated. Huts is good because they have a two for one on Wednesday, but the burger is not out of this world. I would actually put Whataburger in front of these guys. But then again, I LOVE Whataburger. I've heard that WB is actually moving back to the campus area in the spot that Taco Bell occupied up on Guadalupe and 27th area. If I was a student, I would be getting very fat if a Whataburger was near by :)</p>

<p>Top Notch also probably has the best fried chicken in Austin! Whataburger definitely is open, opened just before finals at the Taco Bell on the Drag at 28th. The inside is open 24/7 and it's packed on weekends from about 10 PM-4 AM.</p>