What is accounting like?

<p>Female HR reps like to savor rejecting you. It is in women's nature to enjoy rejecting lesser individuals, but the lame ones (i.e. anyone in HR) are more apt to savor it because it's not something that they often get to do in life. You'd better believe they relish throwing a 3.4 GPA into the trash as hard as they can, and it's even worse if you don't have to experience.</p>

<p>They throw your resume in the trash because out of 30 applicants, your 3.1 GPA just doesn't cut it.</p>

<p>lmao thats why you should other things to bring to the table, including working for other companies and your experience. i believe you. i was thinking about doing human resource to be honest with you lmao... but you would have to train people. no thank you.</p>

<p>I've never seen a profession get trashed like this before. Whistleblower1, you paint a hellish picture of accounting.</p>

<p>The accounting students from the college that I work at that are hired from top (including big 4) firms, usually have starting salaries in the mid $50's to 60,000. </p>

<p>I do not know A, beebee to whistleblower1, 2 or 3. But that conversation above sure sounded staged.</p>

<p>(By the way, accounting is not math. It is a logical system that works. Double-entry bookkeeping has been around, or at least recorded, for almost a century. It is logical. Many people interested in/ good at math are also interested in/ good at logic and philosophy. And music.)</p>



<p>Nice improper use of a comma, I'm sure you had an outstanding GPA.</p>



<p>I'm only saying what taxguy has been saying for years: You must have a strong GPA. You haven't seen anything yet. If you want to see the depths of human despair, visit this site sometime:</p>

<p>CPAnet</a> Forum: Career Questions, Advice & Job Search</p>

<p>Wow Whistleblower1-- is that the best you have??? Haha</p>

<p>lol <strong>facepalm</strong>. Tell the partners at smaller firms making upwards of 150k that you have to work at the Big 4 and get a 3.8 and Homecoming Prince to only make 45k as a staff auditor. I agree that accounting isn't AS rosy as a lot of people here make it to be (honestly, I feel like some people on this board make it seem like a way to be average and still make bank, which is absolute crap IMO), but if you're a hardworker, reasonably smart, and enjoy the work, there IS money to be made in this field (and any field tbh). The troll is correct though in that there isn't much math involved in accounting beyond basic algebra.</p>

<p>Whistleblower1, pls go.</p>

<p>By Enginox, "I've never seen a profession get trashed like this before. Whistleblower1, you paint a hellish picture of accounting."</p>

<p>I totally agree. And beebee64, you better not listen to Whistle, for he is not even an accounting major himslef (I guess he is majoring in English grammar); and as he stated somewhere, he has a 3.2 GPA, which means that in the future his resume will be thrown into the garbage :) As I think, most "normal" people in any field will not have a GPA > or = to 3.8, and most employers think the same. It is very very hard to graduate with 3.8 GPA, and at the same time: go out with friends, have a boyfriend/girlfriend, part time or full time job, etc. Employers do not need geeks who spend their whole life by studying at home and reading books. Even if you have a 3.0 or 2.5, you may succed. Probably, you might not get a job at the big 4, but it is not the end.</p>

<p>@morrismm i honestly don't know him. im seriously looking for guidance and help.
@Toshtemirov thanks... i i was like wow when he said that...</p>



<p>What was it that your one daughter said to the other daughter?</p>

What was it that your one daughter said to the other daughter?


<p>A statement like this should give you a clue as to why whistleblower is the way he is... the poor guy.</p>

<p>When Whistle does not have something to say, he starts to talk about someone's children (as an example, Taxguy's sons, and now morrismm's daughters). The conclusion is that he is not a poor guy--but a bad guy.</p>

<p>And once again, you are missing the point entirely.</p>

<p>atimes accounting career is great but atimes when you're stuck in the same tiny office and the only thing interesting you have to do is to go and get a coffee, well i call it boring, but put that aside i would recommend accounting for anyone because it all depends on where, what your job is.</p>

<p>is it possible for someone to sketch it out for me?</p>

<p>9 am:come in get coffee
9:15: starts working on word problems?
12 lunch
12:45 back to work
5:00 pm: go home.

<p>9 to 5? No weekends? 1 hour lunch?! Go home ON TIME?!?!?! Sounds like a great job to me!</p>